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Today I have Cynthia Eden with me. She is here to talk about her brand new series about fallen angels. The first book in the series is called ANGEL OF DARKNESS and it releases on November 29th, 2011.

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Hi, Leagh! Thanks so much for interviewing me. 
R: Hi Cynthia, glad you could make it. Tell us a little about yourself.

C: I’m a southern girl—born and raised along the Gulf Coast. I love horror movies (Saturday nights will find me glued to the SyFy Channel), chocolate, good books, and the beach.

I write paranormal romance and romantic suspense stories. What can I say? I like monsters. 

R: If you were not a writer what would you be?

C: A teacher. Before I started writing full-time, I taught history to middle school students.  I enjoy working with kids, so I’d still be doing that job. 

Although…growing up, my plan was to always be a magician. However, while I know enough tricks to amuse my son, I don’t know enough to actually give Copperfield any competition. 

R: Well I for one am very happy you choose to be a writer. Where do you get your ideas for your books?
C: Everywhere! Seriously, songs, movies, dreams—ideas can come from any place.  When they hit me, I just write the ideas down as quickly as possible so that I don’t forget. 

R:  Can you tell us a little about Angel of Darkness and its characters?

C: Yes—thanks for asking!  ANGEL OF DARKNESS is the first book in my Fallen series.  (I’m currently working on book 4, so there will be at least 4 stories in this series.)  My hero is Keenan, an Angel of Death. He can kill with a touch and has done so—for thousands of years.  But, one night, everything changes for Keenan.  He is in New Orleans, perched on the Cathedral and ready to take his latest charge, but he hesitates. Instead of killing Nicole St. James, Keenan kills the vampire who is attacking her. 

Because he doesn’t follow orders (naughty angel), Keenan falls.  His wings burn away as he plummets to earth. 

The only way Keenan can get back to heaven?  He has to finish his mission…he has to kill Nicole. 

But Keenan doesn’t want to kill Nicole.  She’s not the same woman that he watched before. That dark night, she changed, too, and Nicole became a vampire.  Now every supernatural creature in the area is after her—angels, demons, even shifters, but Keenan is determined to protect her from everyone…even from himself. 


One note about Keenan…he’s my first virgin hero.  Yes, I said virgin hero.  My angels don’t feel emotions—no needs, no lusts, no desires. At least, they don’t feel them until they fall. Once they fall, they get hit with every emotion that humans feel, and those emotions can be pretty overwhelming. So when those out-of-control desires are paired with an angel’s supernatural strengths, all hell can really break loose. 

R: Oh that sounds so exciting! I am anxiously awaiting a chance to read this book. What was the hardest part about writing this book?

C: My villains.  Yes, there is definitely more than one villain in this book. It was a little tricky, though, because I knew that I planned to write some books about the “bad” guys later.  So it was a trick to balance their evil deeds versus how much redemption they’d be able to earn from readers in the future. 

R: Were there any deleted scenes that you wanted to keep in? 
C: I was very lucky with this book—no deleted scenes! Yay!

R: Is this a series and if so how many books will there be total?

C: It is a series. Four books are planned.  Three written, the last in the works.

R: How to you cope with writers block?

C: I write through it.  I write and write and I may have to delete scenes later b/c they suck, but I force my fingers to stick to the keyboard.  I figure I can fix a broken scene, but there’s little I can do for endless blank pages.

R: Are there any special things you need while writing and when do you normally write? 

C: I like to listen to music before I write—in order to set the mood.  As far as when I write, I do that whenever the house is quiet. (Not too many quiet days in the summer!) I prefer to write early in the morning b/c my mind seems fresher then, but I often wind up writing late at night. 

R: Are going to be attending any conventions in the 2011-2012 season?

C: I am! Right now, I’m planning to attend the RT Convention in Chicago, the Silken Sands Writers Conference in Pensacola, Florida, and the Authors After Dark event in New Orleans. 

Thank you for the interview! 

You are very welcome. Thank you so much for being here.

Cynthia is offering one commenter an ARC of this book. All you have to do is follow this blog and comment to win. Tell me what you think about virgin heroes. Please leave your email address so I can contact you if you win. I will pick a winner on 9/16/11 and post here.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to be here tomorrow for the start of the Smutketeers...Eden Bradley/Eve Berlin!

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* Must be 18 to enter


  1. Want, want want want want this book something fierce!

    Virgin heros? Why not? Just means with the right girl they are so much more corruptable. LOL! It really doesn't seem so far fetched, and it would be a delightful change of pace for genders.

    Raonaid at gmail dot com

  2. Hi, Leagh!! Thank you for interviewing me--and for hosting such a fun week!

  3. I so want to read this book!

    Why not have a virgin hero? it makes it all that more interesting to see how they deal with emotions. Especially with feeling attraction towards another person. How it changes their perspective on things that they could not comprehend before.

    I cannot wait to read this book.

    flaca798 at hotmail dot com

  4. I love all your books and they never disappoint! So looking forward to this series. Love angels because they can be good and bad mix with vampires and you cannot go wrong. Thanks Cynthia!!!

    lldpod at sbcglobal dot com

  5. Thanks for the contest...hmmm a virgin hero! Can't wait to read it.

    mariannew_295 at msndotcom

  6. Hi Leagh and Cynthia.
    Loved the interview. Cynthia I like the idea of a virgin hero, it's refreshing. I can not wait to read this book.
    Leagh the GFC follower button did not show,so I followed by email. I will check back later to see if it's up.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  7. Virgin heros are great! I read one in a book once, and it was so damn hot. They seem to be open for suggestions and I would have a few to give!

  8. Hey, Raonaid! I thought they might be easily corrupted, too--and that corruption sounded like fun!!

    Thanks, Jary! So glad to hear you're looking forward to this story.

  9. Hi, Lisa! Thank you!! I had a great time mixing things up with my angels & vamps.

    Thanks for entering, Marianne!

  10. Hey, Michelle! Thanks for coming by to check out the interview.

    C.S., I promise my hero is a fast learner!

  11. I love the concept of fallen angels! Great interview...thanks!

    books4me67 at

  12. I am so looking forward to reading this book. I don't have a problem with virgin heroes. As long as it's written well and the story flows good, why not.

  13. I haven't read any stories on virgin heroes yet. It sounds interesting. I like it when the Heroines show them the ropes. :)

    Thanks for the ARC giveaway!


  14. Ah, Cynthia Eden, who became one of favorite authors after reading her book Hotter Than Midnight. Wonderful writer, and I can hardly wait for Angels of Darkness. As for virgin heroes, if a gorgeous fallen angel showed up at my door, I would spend the rest of my life showing him the ropes. :-)

  15. I have been interested in reading Cynthia Eden's books but haven't had the money available to buy them yet. So having this chance to possibly win one it so awesome! =)
    I'm not sure what to think about virgin heroes but I can only imagine that they're the best of gentlemen and really know how to treat a woman with complete respect and are true romantics which is always a rare quality these days.
    Thanks for having the contest!!!

    Valerie Long ( )

  16. Haven't read any stories with virgin heroes in them, I would think it would be very interesting, everything would be new to them, learning as they go. Think it would be an awesome story.

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  17. I have no problem with virgin heroes/heroines. In fact it can make the story even more intense.
    I've known from the beginning that I wanted to read this book but now I cannot wait to see how Keenan handles the onslaught of emotions. Thank you for the interview and the giveaway.


  18. I would love to win this!! I have fallen in love with cynthia from the very begining.

  19. Great interview and I think virgin heroes always offer a new twist to a story so I'm all for them!


  20. Thanks, Wendy! I wanted to do something a bit different with these guys. :)

    Hi, Mary! Thank you! Glad to hear that you're looking forward to the book.

  21. LOL, Jess, sometimes, you just have to instruct a hero.

    Thank you, Kathleen!!! I'm so happy you enjoy my books. And if that angel did fall on your doorstep, I am sure he would be grateful for the instruction!

  22. Thanks for coming by, Valerie! I really like the point you made about guys like this being true romantics--I think that would be the case.

    Hi, Jean! You line, "learning as they go" totally made me smile.

  23. Thank you, Victoria! Keenan was an interesting hero to write (and he's completely different from the hero in my 2nd Fallen book). Emotions make Keenan feel lost; but, luckily for him, my heroine can help him find his way.

    Thank you, angel!

  24. Yay, Jeanette! Another vote for the virgin hero!

  25. I so cannot wait for this one to come out. It sounds like a great book. :-)

    I am a follower.


  26. In this day it's hard to find a virgin so it's nice to finally hear of one.....
    I've enjoyed your books to date and don't see why I wouldn't enjoy Angel of Darkness, looking forward to it!

  27. In this day it's hard to find a virgin so it's nice to finally hear of one.....
    I've enjoyed your books to date and don't see why I wouldn't enjoy Angel of Darkness, looking forward to it!

    And of course I forgot to leave my email in all the excitement:
    dsadler53 at yahoo dot ca

  28. Hi, Larena! Thank you!

    Diane, they are getting rather hard to find, aren't they? :) And thank you!

  29. Hi Cynthia, I love your books and am looking forward to your new series! Virgin heros...hmmm. I'm A-OK with them. Who in their right mind wouldn't be?!? A hunky, mostly good, buff dude wants to love up on you and just because he doesn't have any experience under his belt you're gonna turn him away? I don't think so!!! I think it will just make things hotter 'cause you know emotions are gonna run high and each are gonna try that much harder to 'please' the other. Girlfriend, turn the fan on, 'cause the sheets are gonna be smokin'!! LOL!

  30. A virgin hero... wow... that will be interesting :D

  31. I've read about some virgin heroes and it's always interesting how they deal with the objects of their desires. However, these heroes r human or half or have always had emotions, to see and angel ( a being who is supposed to be celestial and not be anywhere near human) who has no notion of what having emotions entails or have any past experience to compare will definitely be worth a read. Also, making it a male virgin is a fresh take on things because so many stories have women virgins it get's insulting and annoying so finally we get to see a man experience need and passion and let's hope burn down the night!

  32. A virgin hero? Fallen angels? Totally awesome! I've read books about fallen angels but I dont think I have ever read a book involving a virgin hero. This series sounds really interesting and I cant wait to read it!!
    Ashley A

  33. I've never read about a virgin hero before, but why not? If the story is great, the status of the heroes virginity won't matter to me.

    Sara M
    sara_UFblog [at] yahoo [dot] com

  34. Hmmm i dont really know.Heck i would give them a try! Sounds really good tho!
    elliott2668 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  35. Most of the time when there is a virgin heroine, the hero is so concerned with causing physical pain, because of his love for her. I think that is SO romantic. Thanks for this contest.
    I am now following this blog as CatsMeow

  36. Although they are rare if written well and having read many a book by Cynthia Eden it will be...I am betting it will be emotional and memorable.

    Thanks for the chance
    mmafsmith at gmail dot com

  37. Can never have enough fallen angels... this one is definitely going on my wishlist!

    I've never encountered in my reading travels a virgin hero, so I would definitely be open to the possibility of reading about one. Gotta remember guys can be virgins too, so why not give them time in the spotlight during an intimate moment:)


  38. I enjoy alot of her reads and I'm looking forward to the new series! Enjoy all heroes virgins as well!

  39. I definitely could enjoy a book with a virgin hero, especially if the heroine is not a virgin. Nice change from the usual situation in books. Can the girl pressure him, with him resisting?
    June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  40. I love virgin heroes. They are few and far between and can make for more variety in your reading.

  41. it's not as common in books so definitely piques my interest.

    gfc - pams00
    pams00 @


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