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Children's Book Charity Event and Giveaway

Did you read as a child? Do you buy books for your children/grandchildren?  My answer is yes but I know that many would answer no to the above questions. Not because they don't want to but because they can't. There are so many children who don't have books and even when they go to school there are no books that are age appropriate or no books at all. Once a classroom of children was asked to bring in a book from home, 3 children brought the phone book because it was the only book they had in the house. This saddens me and because of that I have joined forces with some amazing authors and fellow bloggers in an effort to give more children the opportunity to read.

Please take a look at First Book

This is an organization that provides low income families and school systems with age appropriate books. They have provided more then 85 million free and low cost books to thousands of communities.

Below are the authors/bloggers who were generous enough to donate to this cause

Debra Webb
Jennifer Haymore
Cathryn Fox
Lisa Renee Jones
Cynthia Eden
Caridad Pineiro
Nikki Duncan
Shayla Black/Shelly Bradley
Melissa Schroeder
Karin Tabke aka Harlow
Erin Nicholas
Literary Escapism 
Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

Scroll down to find out what is up for grabs...

Grand Prize: 
Cynthia Eden: Angel of Darkness 
Jennifer Haymore: Confessions of an Improper Bride 
Cathryn Fox: Aluring Tales 1&2 ~ Swag 
Shayla Black: Tempt Me with Darkness
Lisa Renee Jones: UK English copy of Santa Baby
Karin Tabke: The Hard Stuff
Debra Webb: Dirty
Melissa Schroeder: Grace Under Pressure and Swag

1st Place 
Cynthia Eden: Never Cry Wolf 
Shayla Black:  Entice Me at Twilight
Jennifer Haymore: A Hint of Wicked, A Touch of Scandal, A Season of Seduction (signed) 
Lisa Renee Jones:  US Copy of Santa Baby 
Karin Tabke/Harlow: Italian Stallions
Literary Escapism: Uncertain Allies by Mark del Franco - Swag 

2nd Place:
Lisa Renee Jones: Texas Hotzone Trilogy 
Cynthia Eden: The Naughty List 
Debra Webb: Obsission (e-book)
Literary Escapism: The Good, The Bad, and The Uncanny by Simon R Green

3rd Place:
Nikki Duncan: Sensory Ops 1&2 (2 e-books) 
Cynthia Eden: Belong to the Night   
Erin Nicholas: Just Right, Book Thong, B&B Stuff, and Swag

4th Place:
Debra Webb: Classified and Decoded 
Caridad Pineiro: Sins of Flesh, Stronger then Sin, LOST T-shirt, Swag
Guilty Pleasures: $5 Amazon GC

5th Place:
Karin Tabke/Harlow: What You Can't See
Lisa Renee Jones: Naughty Bits
Guilty Pleasures: $5 Amazon GC

For a chance to win one of these amazing prize packages all you have to do one or both of the things below...

1) Follow this link and donate any amount to this cause. For every $1 you donate you get an entry. 
*** 95 cents of every dollar goes directly to First Book's mission and makes it possible for them  to reach more children with more wonderful new books
** Once you have made a donation, forward your receipt to
***Check for a receipt before closing donation page. If you do not receive a receipt, check your spam folder, otherwise copy and paste final donation page into email
** Please be sure that I can link your screen name, real name, and email together ~ if I am not able to tell who you are, your entry will not count
** Comment below with your email address and tell me you donated so I can look for your donation amount
** No email address ~ no entry ~ I need to be able to contact you if you win


2) If you are unable to problem. Comment below and tell me you did one or more of the following things and I will enter you into the contest.
~ post on FB, Twitter, Blog (post links in comment, 1 entry per share)
~ Follow my blog (just tell me you are a follower, current or new, 1 entry)
~ Post button on your blog: 

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Thank you so much for being a part of this. It is much appreciated. You have made a child very happy this holiday season!

Happy Holidays to all!!! 

Donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cynthia Eden with Holiday Survival Tips and a Giveaway!

Holiday Survival Guide

Hi, everyone! (And a very big thank you to Leagh for inviting me over!) In the U.S., we’re currently recovering from Thanksgiving (oh, the turkey, the dressing!) and, of course, we’re trying to get over the mania that is Black Friday.  The holiday shopping season is in full swing. Chaos is reigning.  Folks are trying to get presents. Deal with relatives. Clean houses.  Wrap. Gah!  Madness.

And how do you survive this madness? 

Well, the characters from my new book, ANGEL OF DARKNESS, are here to offer some tips. 

A Vamp’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays:

  1. Flash some fang to the folks who steal your parking space. Yes, you know what/who I’m talking about.
  2. Mother-in-law drama? She says your house isn’t clean enough? Really?  Bite her.
  3. Only one Nintendo Wii left at that awesome discount price? Don’t be afraid to dig deep and use some supernatural strength to grab that goodie.
  4. Channel your inner vamp. You don’t fear the shopping. Make the shopping fear you.
And in the interest of equal time, my hero, the fallen angel Keenan, wanted to offer his survival advice, too…

Angel Advice for Holiday Hell

  1. Lines are for the weak. (Uh, I think he means to shop at home and use your computer.)
  2. Punish your enemies by withholding gifts.  (Right…I think he means give to those who made the nice list!)
  3. Reward yourself.  (Oh, that’s a good one. When you’re shopping—don’t forget to pick up something for yourself—chocolate, anyone?)
  4. And if you cross my path, it will be the last mistake you make.  (I’ll assume Keenan means not to get between him and—um, anything? But maybe you can use this fierce mantra to empower yourself—or maybe we should just avoid advice from an angry fallen angel…)

Available tomorrow!!! 11/29/11

As an angel of death, Keenan’s job is to collect the souls on his list. He’s carried out his duty for two thousand years and never faltered once. Until he meets Nicole St. James.  When the moment of death comes, Keenan hesitates, and instead of taking Nicole, Keenan touches the vampire who’s attacking her.
Cast out of heaven for disobedience, Keenan plummets to earth. Six months later, he finally manages to track Nicole to a bar in Mexico. He’s stunned to discover that the woman he remembers has undergone a dramatic change—she’s become a vampire. And when he realizes that she’s the target of all manner of enemies—other vampires, demons, even shifters—he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her, even if all hell breaks loose…

Read an excerpt here
Buy Online
I hope your holidays are filled with cheer and laughter...and not so much holiday stress. And if you've got some holiday survival advice to offer, please do! One commenter will win ANGEL OF DARKNESS

Best wishes,
Cynthia Eden
ANGEL OF DARKNESS—Available 11/29/11 from Kensington Brava
When an angel falls, all hell breaks loose…

Thank you everyone for visiting by blog!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rebecca Sinclair Reviews

Three backlist stories by Rebecca Sinclair that have been made available to you in digital format. 

Perfect Strangers

Gabrielle Carelton is one of Queen Elizabeth’s most devoted ladies-in-waiting. But her loyalty is put to the test when Her Majesty commands her to marry Scotsman Collin Douglas. When Gabrielle is kidnapped by Collin’s twin brother, not even Good Queen Bess can save her. Dubbed the Black Douglas, devilishly handsome Connor is known throughout the land for his magnificent feats of strength and cunning. But now he is in need of an heir. An English bride will bring peace to the warring nations — and give him the son he craves. What he doesn’t expect is a woman as passionate as she is proud … and a desire that knows no boundaries. Set against the pageantry and savage splendor of 16th-century England and Scotland, here is the story of a man and a woman who begin as enemies and strangers — and find a love that will triumph against all odds. 

What I thought:

Gabrielle is on her way to meet her betrothed who she was ordered to marry by Queen Elizabeth. On her way there she is kidnapped by the Black Douglas, Connor, who is her betrothed twin brother. He is wanting an heir and what better way to get one then to steal his brother's bride. In the meantime, the Maxwells take notice that Gabrielle is on her way to Scotland and decide to kidnap her from Connor and hold her for ransom in order to get revenge on their biggest rivals, the Douglas Clan. Where will Gabrille end up and how is she gonna survive being the center of a three way fight? 

I adored this story. The story line was unique and very interesting. I enjoyed the banter between the characters and their relationship was very complex. I found myself rooting for both of them and wanting them to end up together. Gabriella is a very damaged women and has lived a life full of self doubt because she is not perfect and Connor is able to look past that and see the real women beneath. He embraces her womanly curves and enjoys her personality. Connor is a man know for his fierceness and ability to get what he wants to matter what. What other people don't see is the soft, caring, compassionate man beneath the hard exterior. Gabriella sees that and in the process sees him for what he truly is. I loved the process of their relationship and felt it was very believable in it's progression. It starts off as lust and quickly moves towards something much deeper.

This story is full of excitement, passion, emotion, and suspense and it truly is a very well rounded book. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Buy it for Kindle
Buy it for Nook

Montana Wildfire

After her father’s sudden death, lovely Amanda Lennox had no money for the long trip from Boston to the ranch she’d inherited in faraway Seattle. When she saw the advertisement for a “wilderness expert” to escort eleven-ear-old Roger Bannister, III to Montana, the adventure-loving woman jumped at the chance, never guessing she’d end up lost in the wilds of Idaho… with a twisted ankle. Then an arrogant halfbreed on a palomino stallion came to her rescue and comforted her with is healing touch. Rugged ranch hand Jacob Blackhawk Chandler knew from experience that prissy white princesses meant trouble. He’d seen Amanda Lennox’s type before — haughty and citified and utterly unequipped to survive in the wide open country. He couldn’t just ride off and leave the lovely minx alone and hurt … but he sure wouldn’t be taken in by that sweet smile, either!

What I thought:

An emotional journey where two very different people find love.

Looking for a way to get to the ranch her father has left her, Amanda Lennox takes a job escorting a young boy to Montana in hopes of making some money. Little did she know that not only was the young boy an absolute hellion but they got lost for weeks. After getting herself stuck in a freezing river she is forced to send the boy to get help. He returns a bit later with an arrogant halfbreed with a serious chip on his shoulder. Jacob doesn't want anything to do with the white lady who is stuck in the river but something compels him to help her out. Meanwhile, the boy is off gathering blankets and supplies. While away, he manages to get himself kidnapped. Now Amanda and Jacob must go on a journey to find the boy and return him to his father as originally planned. Amanda and Jacob have an instant attraction to each other. Amanda is not exactly sure how to handle her desire for Jacob but knows that she wants him. Jacob on the other hand, can't seem to deny his attraction even though he knows that "no respectable white lady would want a breed" Together, they find the boy and also find themselves in a very personally predicament.

I liked this story a lot. The plot was great and the characters where well rounded. I liked how Amanda, even though she was taught to be a lady, didn't act like a spoiled women. She was brave and tough and didn't complain the whole time they were out in the wilderness. Right away Jacob kind of turned my off. He was arrogant, rude, and just plain mean. After a while and after he explained how his life had been, I began to understand that he is not normally like that but he has emotional scars that run very deep. 

Through a very action packed, passionate and intense journey through the Montana wilderness, these two people heal each other and realize they are destined to be together. I would definitely recommend this book.

Buy it for Kindle
Buy it for Nook

California Caress

Hope Bennett was determined to save her brother's life. And if that meant paying notorious gunslinger Drake Frazier to take his place in a fight, she'd barter her last gold nugget. But Hope soon discovered she'd have to give the handsome rattlesnake more than riches if she wanted his help. His improper demands infuriated her; even as she luxuriated in the tantalizing heat of his embrace, she refused to yield to her desires. She'd accept his terms, then find a way to escape him... somehow...

What I thought:

Hope Bennett was determined to find Drake Frasier to save her brother from being killed. When she did find him though, he was not the guy she thought he was. Drake Frasier had no idea how to react when a beautiful women literally fell into his arms. The first thing he thinks is that she is there to betray him and he will stop at nothing to find out if and why she is.

I truly liked this book except for a few things that didn't flow well. There was one common goal in this book and I don't think a true explanation was ever given as to "how" or "why" that goal was accomplished. I felt like the story left me a bit unsatisfied and without answers to very important questions. Also, one big thing happened without warning and I thought it should have been made into a bigger deal and maybe we as readers should have been lead into it a little slower and that unsettled me a bit. (I would explain further but it is a big spoiler)

I had a little trouble figuring Drake out as well. One minute he was acting like he was madly in love with Hope and the next he was acting like he could have cared less and no real reason for his change of heart was established. He did things that I never did quite understand even at the end. You could tell they were getting close to each other but at times they really seemed to genuinely hate each other. Hope on the other hand was a very good character, she was strong and kept true to herself. She was big on self pity at times and jumped to conclusions but I feel I would have acted the same way. Drake was giving her seriously mixed signals and I feel she was a bit confused as well.

The plot, however, was very good. I loved the story line and thought it was very well thought out. The story kept true to it's time period and that is a big bonus in my eyes. There was a lot of emotion and heart in the story. Also it was very sensual and hot. 

I gave this story a 3 because it did have some very good features and I would definitely recommend this to others, it was just "missing" a few key things that I need in a book to make it complete.

Buy it for Kindle
Buy it for Nook

I enjoyed reading these stories and want to say Thank You to Rebecca for giving me the opportunity to read and review them. For more information on Rebecca Sinclair's work, visit her website

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Donna Grant ~ Interview and Giveaway

The fabulous Donna Grant is here today with an interview and a giveaway! 

Hello Donna! Thank you so much for being here today.

Thanks so much for having me. :)

Why don't we start off by you telling us a little bit about yourself.

I'm a Texan, born and raised. I grew up a dancer and wanted to be a professional ballerina. I made it to New York and did a bit of dancing there before I realized big cities weren't for me. I returned home and became an accountant. lol. Married my husband, and turned my attention to being a writer. I have two kids, four cats, and a long-haired Chihuahua who thinks she's a cat. I love books, anything Scottish, and I love to travel. 

What is your normal day like?

A typical day is getting the kids off to school, reading emails, playing on FB for a bit, then I pull up the current WIP and get to writing. I write 20 pages a day (Mon - Fri). Sometimes I get lucky and I finish those 20 pages before lunch. Other times, after lunch and a workout, I get the rest of my pages done before I have to get the kiddos, and get home to do the Mom thing. :)

What are some of your favorites ~ music, movie, drinks, foods, etc

Music - I'm eclectic in my taste. I love movie soundtracks, classical, 80s, and even some hard rock.
Movies - I love movies. If its historical or fantasy, you know I'm watching it. I also love adventure and drama. Some of my favs are Lord of the Rings, The Mummy, Love Actually, Clash of the Titans (new one), Thor, and Sherlock Holmes.
Drinks - lol. French Martini! I also love wine.
Foods - Italian, Cajun, seafood

Tell us one unusual thing about yourself.

I'm short. Very short (4'10"). People mistake me for a kid all the time. :S

Since it is the start of the holiday season, what is your favorite thing about the holidays and which holiday is your favorite?

I love the merriment of the holidays, the family time (even when I want to strangle them VBG), the decorating, and the food. I start my yearly baking during November and I bake tons of stuff. :) Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Do you have an traditions that you follow?

We do. We open our presents and have breakfast before my folks and brother arrive. We then have gumbo for our Christmas lunch, and once my family leaves, then we get ready and head out for our annual Christmas movie.

Ok so now onto the book...

SHADOW MAGIC is the first book in this series. Mind telling us a little about it? What made you want to re-release it?

Shadow Magic is the first in the Sisters of Magic series about a dying race of witches. It's also one of the few books I set in England instead of Scotland. It was an idea I had that after the first book turned into something so much more. I re-released it because I really enjoyed writing the trilogy and wanted to share it with my readers again. :)

Where did the character and plot ideas come from for this series?

It's been so many years (and books ago) that I don't really remember. I just knew it was an idea I had to write, and I began it the very next day.

What was your favorite part of this book, without spoiling it for your readers of course?

Hmm...I think it would be when Drogan and Serena are traveling alone. Before that they are with their friends and didn't have much alone time. It helped the sexual tension, but I couldn't wait to get them alone. :D

Thank you so much for being on my blog today. It was a pleasure having you!!

Thank you!

With a past soaked in sin and darkness slowly closing in around him to claim his soul, Drogan only wants to live his life in solitude. Years in the king’s service and his numerous deeds directed by the crown have left Drogan with horrendous nightmares and immeasurable guilt...
Serena is a witch, cursed and forever alone. She accepts her future. Until she meets Drogan. With Drogan a passion deep and unyielding awakens inside her. She is willing to sacrifice herself for his love, but can he put his past to rest and embrace the future?

Hawthorne Castle
Central England, 1127

Jealousy, if left unbridled, could turn a good soul as black as Satan.

And so it was the first time Serena of Hawthorne saw Lord Drogan of Wolfglynn with another woman. The jealousy was instant and sharper than any needle that could pierce her skin. The fact that she hadn’t even met Drogan and so shouldn’t have noted the beautiful woman on his arm did not go unnoticed by Serena.

She was a bana-bhuidseach, a witch, cursed and forever alone. ‘Twas because of what she was, men rarely caught her attention. Except for Drogan.

Her always sure footed feet faltered and then stopped as the excessively crowded great hall allowed her an unobstructed view of Drogan for a heartbeat. But in that moment, his image would be etched in her memory for all time.

People teemed around her, but Serena didn’t notice. She closed her eyes and let her mind’s eye looked over Lord Drogan of Wolfglynn at her leisure. What she saw made her break into a sweat and her soul stirred for the first time.

Dark auburn hair fell straight and thick, with a slight curl at the end, to his broad shoulders. He had a high forehead with gently arching brows over eyes of a rich golden brown. His nose was straight and aristocratic, and his mouth wide and full.

He wore a brown leather jerkin over a deep green tunic that didn’t hide the rippling muscles in his arms and chest. Her eyes moved lower to his thick legs encased in tight leather. Boots, worn but well cared for, encased his feet and calves.

Serena caught of glimpse of something shiny from the top of his left boot, alluding to a hidden dirk. The broadsword and dagger strapped to his waist let all know he was a warrior.

She opened her eyes and found Drogan staring at her. For the briefest of moments, Serena found herself starting toward him before someone bumped into her. 'Twas all she needed to break away. She turned her back on Drogan and the longing in her heart.

Duty called.

Buy it today!!!

For a chance to win an ebook copy of DRAGONFYRE just comment below and tell me what your favorite thing about the holidays is. Do you have a tradition that you follow?

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Lisa Renee Jones ~ Guest Post and Giveaway

One of the fun things about creating characters is deciding their likes and dislikes. We as people have quirky little things we love. For Sterling in The Storm that is Sterling  – he loves M&M’s and Dr. Pepper! Here is a little look at his addiction:

Becca inhaled. “Food smells so good.”
He reached for the bag and offered her a burger and fries. “It’s probably cold by now.”
“I don’t care,” she said popping a fry and sighing. “I feel like it’s been a lifetime since I had a good fry.” She unwrapped her burger and spread the fries on the paper. “I’m actually hungry too. It’s the first time in well… a really long time. Got any ketchup?”
He snatched up the packets in the bag and piled them on the table before reaching inside the fridge. “I’ve got water and Dr. Pepper.”
“No Coke?” she asked, mockingly appalled.
“I have a pretty serious Dr. Pepper addiction,” he admitted, passing her the can. “Doc Kelly—she heads up our scientific team—she gives me hell about it. Says all the sugar is bad for the body.”
She accepted the soda. “But you don’t care, I take it?” She gave him a smile, light and full of humor. The ten­sion from her demand for proof he wasn’t working for Adam had faded, if only for a short while. It was the first time he’d seen her at ease, and he liked her this way. He also felt like a complete asshole, because he was about to tranquilize her and betray what little trust he’d earned.
“If a GTECH can’t survive a few too many DPs,” he said, “he’s in real trouble when the Zodius start shoot­ing. I think Kelly thinks it makes us feel human if she acts like were human.”
She dabbed her mouth. “I guess there is the plus side. You can now justify your vices.” He leaned back on the chair and studied her, watching her slim, ivory neck as she swallowed. Delicate.Kissable. “Am I to believe you have no vices?”
She smiled, and it was as if the sun had shined right there at that table. Sterling had seen a lot of female smiles—demure, seductive. He’d not seen a lot of sun­shine smiles. “Still like my Snickers bars.”
He grinned, reaching inside the fridge again, before dropping a package of peanut M&Ms on the table. She laughed. “Your version of my Snickers bar?”
“You betcha, sweet plum,” he said, winking.
She snorted. Feminine.Cute.“Sweet plum? That’s a new one.”
“What can I say?” he queried. “You inspire my creativity.”
She waved that off jokingly and picked up the candy. “You keep M&Ms in the fridge?”
“A man has to do what a man has to do to protect his candy. This place is a dump. The air doesn’t work half the time, and they melt, which turns a bag of pea­nut M&Ms into a bag of messy peanuts, and that’s just not right.”
She shook her head and laughed. Soft and musical.

We all have our favorite things. Every year at the holidays DH and I get the special edition chocolates form Godiva. I love love love these treats!

Check out the cool flavors this year!

Our Chef Chocolatiers are pleased to present their latest creations - meticulously crafted and inspired by the most exquisite desserts, from classic American bakeries to fine European patisseries. Our 24 pc. Ultimate Dessert Truffles Gift Box includes our classic Red Velvet Cake Truffle, luscious Chocolate Éclair Truffle, decadentChocolate Lava Cake Truffle, and always popular Crème Brûlée Truffle. In addition, this assortment features our Caramel Apple Tarte, Carrot Cake, Cheesecake,Chocolate Soufflé, Pecan Caramel Tarte, Vanilla Mousse, Strawberry CrémeTarte, and Tiramisu truffles. 24 pcs. (16.8 oz)

So what is your favorite holiday treat?

Just tell me so I can try it, lol and you get a chance to enter to win a goodie bag of books and Bath and Body Shop fun!


Sterling Jeter has remarkable powers and has shown himself
to be just about indestructible. But beautiful, brilliant Rebecca
Burns knows that even a Super Soldier needs comfort, and so
much more…
But she can see that deep down,
hes just a man…
Sterling and Rebecca’s teenage romance was interrupted,
but years later the heat between them flares back to life.
Even though it endangers everything they’re fighting for, it’s
impossible to resist picking up right where they left off…

Read an extra excerpt HERE

For more information about Lisa Renee Jones and her books check out her website

Books I've Read and Enjoyed!

Nauti Boy
Reno's Chance: A Navy Seals Story
Rescue Me
Honk If You Love Real Men: Four Tales of Erotic Romance
Long Hard Ride
Wild Card
Dangerous Games
Hidden Agendas
Killer Secrets
Heat Seeker
Black Jack
Loving Lies
Cowgirl Up and Ride
Tied Up, Tied Down
Rough, Raw, and Ready
Rode Hard, Put Up Wet
Branded as Trouble
All Jacked Up

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