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Dilys J Carnie Blog Tour

A Matter of Trust


Trauma from her past almost destroys happiness in her future. 
But when she meets the gentle giant Tyler, for the first time in her life she thinks she might have the chance of a normal future…until the man who almost ruined her life suddenly appears. 

He doesn’t understand his need to protect Lilly, but those eyes pull him in deeper than he’s ever been before. 

Tyler finds that he has fallen deeper than he ever thought possible. He tries to come to terms with his feelings and just when he thought nothing could go wrong, a moment from the past turns up threatening to end what he has only just found. Will this be an end to the happiness that he’d thought he’d found. 


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VBT ~ Master of My Mind by Jenna Jacob and Giveaway! Win a Kindle Fire!!!!

The Biggest Club Genesis Book Yet! 

After the shocking death of my Master left me stunned, the revenge his ex-wife and daughter sought was almost as devastating. Seeking refuge at Club Genesis, my one safe haven, I returned to heal and get back on my own two feet.

But I soon learned that fate had other plans for Leagh Bennett
Tony Delvaggio, the panty-melting sadist and resident shrink of Genesis, took me under his wing. Both frightened by his intensity and secretly thrilled by his unwavering attention, I tried to hide my past and barricade my soul from him. But Tony coaxed my thoughts with his deep voice and seduced my body with his rough hands. Before long, he pried open my heart as well. But when it became clear that someone meant to kill me, I came to a terrifying conclusion: I would have to put my complete trust and submission in the Master of my mind or die…

Jenna is offering 3 HUGE gift baskets!

2nd and 3rd place winners will each receive signed print copies of books 1&2 in the Doms of Genesis series, swag, and a $20 Amazon gift card.

1st place will receive signed print copies of books 1&2 in the Doms of Genesis series, swag, a $20 Amazon gift card and a 7" Kindle Fire.






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Kept Blog Tour with Giveaway


Sweet Capture Fantasy
You’ve all heard of sweet romance, right? Kept is an anthology of sweet capture fantasies. Since my recent stories have ventured into the darkest heart of dark erotica where consent is often dubious or absent, I thought it best to say out front and center that these Kept stories are meant to have you smiling and maybe even shedding some tears at the sweet romance.
That capture element is in all of these but before she’s dragged into bed, the hero, or in one case the heroine, convinces the woman that she wants to be possessed. In mine, the way she’s convinced is a little naughty. But it is an alien-come-down-to-Earth story. I’m pretty sure a big hunky scrumptious alien is allowed to inject her with a weird aphrodisiac that also turns her into his pet-slave...right?
Come to think of it we also feature in these stories succubus powers, vampire powers and other nefarious powers that are used to make the heroine a quivering aroused mess groveling at the feet of the hero until she’s begging him to take her. Maybe I’m not the only naughty author?
If you disagree with the use of weird powers to capture and arouse women, fill out the form to the right that’s on the desk.
Look out for the... Ooops. The trapdoor that drops you into a cage. You accidentally fell in?
I promise I’ll tell Stom (he’s my alien preyfinder). Yes, he does have your best interests at heart. And yes, getting naked and being cuffed, collared, and leashed to the wall is pretty standard procedure when you’re rescued from the cage.
Right...dusting off hands...where were we?
Oh my. What an empty room.
I don’t think I meant for you all to fall into the cage. Tsk tsk.
And you’re supposed to wait for Stom to make you naked. Oh fine, do it your way. I’m sure we have some extra alpha males stashed away somewhere for a rainy day.
Who wants the alien king or the succubus? Good. The goblin? (a leftover, none of us wrote him in a story)
Raise your hand, please. If you can’t because of the weight of the manacles, tough.
Sheesh, some of you are picky. Anyone want a vampire who can ravish a woman from dusk til dawn and not get tired?
*silence then a storm of sound resembling an avalanche and much feminine screaming*
Book Warning: Erotic capture fantasies can be addictive. Before opening this ebook a health check is recommended. While reading you may experience heart palpitations, a terrible state of arousal, and need to change your panties several times. Batteries for vibes are not included.


From the darkest parts of the underworld, to aliens hunting on Earth, to planets far away, each of these capture-themed novellas by six bestselling authors takes you on a wild ride that will heat up your fantasies and keep you up all night long…reading.

From Holly S. Roberts - Can Sergeant Kelly Myers sacrifice her blood and body to a vampire to save her country or is Talon worse than the evil trying to kill them all? 

From Angela Castle -  Can alien King K’marr convince Ash they are Soul Bonds or will she let him succumb to the abyss of madness?

From Cari Silverwood’s new Preyfinder series - A Preyfinder is trained to withstand hardship and pain, and Jadd would rather kneel before a firestorm than leave his captive, Brittany, to be stalked and killed.

From Sorcha Black - Lying tangled in her sheets each night, dreaming of sex, virginal Shiloh never means to tempt the spying succubus.

From C.L. Scholey - Two hot aliens take the form of friends and spirit Cali away aboard their alien vessel.

From Leia Shaw - After accidentally turning off a device that could destroy earth, Maggie is abducted by a man with an accent as sexy as his looks and taken to Scotland to fix the device.

PG Excerpt from Crimson by Holly Roberts

His whisper sent shivers across my skin, “Past the alcohol, I smell your arousal. It’s calling my name, as does your blood.”

His hand ran over my arm, fingers trailing the sculpted outline of muscle. I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to move. Every nerve I possessed craved his touch, vibrated with need and screamed for more.

More him, more burn between my thighs, just—more.

One hand remained in my hair; the other tipped my chin up so I looked into his eyes. “I’m hungry but I don’t think I can ignore the alcohol.” He sniffed me again. “I have one question. Are you here willingly?”

“What?” I couldn’t have heard him correctly. What the fuck did willing have to do with this?

“Are. You. Willing?” This time he asked slowly.

I tried to shake my head but his grasp was too firm. The haze that clouded my brain since entering the room dissipated slightly. “What does willing have to do with anything?”

His eyes penetrated straight through me. I could feel them dissecting my brain, seeking answers that I was unable to give. “It has everything to do with everything.”

The sudden release of my hair and chin had me stumbling back. Grabbing my arm to steady me, he looked down at my shoes. Dropping to one knee, he slipped them from my feet and my hands landed on his shoulders before I could stop myself. Once I stood barefoot, his face traveled up my leg, scenting me again. My dress lifted slightly when he reached the hem. His nose carried the material up just a bit until he stopped at the juncture of my thighs. His hands went to my ass as he pulled me against his face. I arched my back grinding myself even closer.

What the fuck was happening to me?

“Are you hungry?”

I looked down. His chocolate eyes were gazing into mine. The slow curve of his lips gave him the most kissable mouth I’d ever seen. He released my ass and stood in one fluid move. He repeated the question and finally my brain decided it could function. I hadn’t eaten since before my drunk-fest the night before. Maybe that’s what was wrong with me.

Explicit excerpt from Kept: Precious Sacrifice by Cari Silverwood

He walked into view at the other end of the row of parked cars, blocking out the taxi waiting for her with its engine idling, and he turned and headed toward her. Long dark coat. Mean look in his eyes...or where his eyes would be. His face was shrouded in darkness. He just looked bad.

Brittany’s throat closed in. Breathing, who needed it?

Big man, as in fucking huge, and with a totally deliberate way of moving. 

Every step was calculated. Like a lone stranger walking into a lowlife Wild West town, about to rescue the folks from the two-gun killer kid. She could hear the theme song from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly playing.
All he was missing was a Stetson and a pair of six guns.

Headlights from a passing car flickered over him. His face...oh god. He definitely needed a hat to pull over that. Were those parallel scars running across his cheeks? Or tattoos made up to look like American Indian war paint? Whatever. They were red and scary. Only he surpassed scary by a mile. She took a half-step back, surprised the man wasn’t snorting steam out his nostrils.

But he smelled good. From yards away. Was that even possible? Mm-Mmm.

It took all her determination not to squeal, run down the aisle between the parked cars, and jump his bones then and there. Loose stones on the concrete cracked under his boots. A breeze blew the front of his coat wide. She caught a glimpse of a wide, well-built torso that stretched his pants and shirt with a real man’s body.

Shit. Was that metal glinting there? Holsters? No. Couldn’t be. Unless he was a cop?

Fear reared its head. He wouldn’t be looking for her. Get the fuck outta his way.

Jarred into self-preservation mode, Brittany cleared her throat and squeezed back against the bus she was walking beside to allow him to shimmy past. Not that a man like this would ever shimmy. He’d saunter or stalk but never ever shimmy. 

What would it be like to be underneath him being... 

Shut up. She took a deep breath and held it when he seemed about to pass her.

Don’t faint. Unladylike.

Then he grabbed her under her shoulders, lifted her a few inches, and slammed her flat against the bus with enough force to frighten her but not hurt. Startled, she sucked in air.

His scent swept her awareness of danger far, far away and replaced it with pure unadulterated LUST.

Her pussy flooded instantly. She shut her eyes. Not Niagara Falls wet, just enough to make slippery every part of her down there, enough that a man could slide his cock right in without a second’s hesitation. That. Wet.
She inched open her eyes and found him staring down at her. Brutal and callous was her instantaneous impression. 

From Succumb by Sorcha Black. 
A story of a succubus called Moth

“Who are you?” Her voice was small, her brows puckered.

“I am called Moth.” I was over her dream self, my lips almost on hers. The girl’s large dark eyes narrowed in confusion and she squirmed beneath me.

“What do you want?” She whimpered and the sound made me ache to ease her.

“I want what you want, Shiloh,” I whispered to her. “May I bring you pleasure?”

Although I’d waited until the phantom man had aroused her terribly, there was consternation in her eyes.

“But I don’t like women that way. How do you know my name?”

Because I watch you when you sleep. I walk in your dreams. Telling her this would serve no purpose, although it was true. Often, her dreams were sexual, but at times they were reflections of what she had done that day. Some nights she dreamed of a man called Brad, but their relationship had no relation to sex. Their interactions amused me, though, and I was glad that someone filled the space in her life just as Fox my own. Her dreams were filled with concern for others and worry over tasks she’d left undone. The brightness and intelligence of her thoughts were fascinating and I watched her dreams by the hour some nights.

But only through the window. I had never before crossed the threshold.

I brushed my lips against hers and she gasped, the feeling from me more intense than any a dream lover could provide. So close. Her lips under mine were almost too tempting to bear. I could taste the desire upon her breath and had to ignore the instinct to feed.

“You brought me here.” Although it had been unintentional, on her part. “If you close your eyes, you can pretend I am whomever you desire. The secret will be ours.”

When no response was forthcoming, I trailed my fingertips over the spectre of her translucent dream body and her eyes fell shut. Permission?

Men rarely refused me anything in their dreams.

In fascination, my fingers bumped over her ribs, upward to her breasts. She shuddered beneath me and the urge to fasten my mouth down on hers became overwhelming. I cupped her breast with one hand and lowered myself to lay alongside her, our naked flesh sliding together in a way even dream men did not feel. Smooth. Warm. How did a dream girl smell so erotic?

I toyed with her nipples for an age, circling and pinching them until she was a mewling, writhing doll.

“What do you desire?”

“Please!” she begged.

I drew my hand down, toward her sex. Her hips rose to meet me, attempting to rush me to what she wanted.

“Do you want me to touch you here?” I circled a lazy finger over her slit.

“Please, please, yes!” She sobbed, and for a moment I almost pitied her. Her arousal was more intense than most humans felt and I wondered if it was the fact that she was virginal, or that she was more attracted to the female form than she realized.

A stirring.


My lips fastened over hers for the barest moment and the taste of her flooded my mouth. Although I had no hunger, the sexual power lanced down into my belly, spreading warmth throughout my body.

“I must go. I will return for you.”

“Please, no! Don’t leave me like this. I’ll die.” In her dream she wept, and guilt flooded through me. To have fed, even a little, and not bring her satisfaction was cruel.

PG Excerpt from Universe Hunters 
by Connie Scholey

Their nude bodies had no meaning to either male except as vessels. Cali no longer felt uncomfortable around Blazar and Deimos. They were witty and charming. They swore they had only three more planets to visit and she would be home. Except they looked less eager to return her as time went by, especially after the first time Cali hugged them upon their return. They had been gone a particularly long time, long enough their normally hot bodies after a hunt, were only a little uncomfortable to touch. As they cooled down, their embraces were longer. Both men were not shy about seeking out her embraces when she explained a hug was offered as a show of affection. Deimos innocently referred to embraces as gifts.

Each night, the alien males came to her and with their special abilities they filled her belly pleasantly and cocooned her to sleep in warmth. It was so close to being loved Cali forgot she was basically a captive. Deimos seemed fascinated with the concept of mating. He explained their way of joining was different. There were no females or males, just entities. Their species needed to join but not for procreation, procreation was carefully monitored, but for socialization and comfort. Their platonic joining was how they helped Cali feel safe and warm at times she ‘regenerated’, the word was Deimos’. Cali told him she slept. Blazar’s favorite place she learned early on was the console; Deimos loved talking to Cali when he had a spare moment.

“Your joining with me is fascinating. So you love with all of your being?” Cali asked Deimos. They sat side by side on the healing bed. There was no other furniture; after all, what would a light need with chairs? It made sense to Cali.

“Yes. We absorb each other, grow brighter, stronger.”

By Leia Shaw

Explicit Excerpt: 

“Strip,” he ordered, from behind me.

I spun to face him then looked for signs he was joking. He met my gaze with the steadiness of a man who meant what he said. No crinkled corners.

“Great.” I sighed. “Just when I was starting to say nice things about you in my head you start with the orders.”

“If you’re lucky, I’ll give you even nicer things to say about me.” He winked.

Against my will, my cheeks heated. Why was his cockiness so sexy? I hated egomaniacs. They were selfish and immature. But Baen was…different. The way he checked me out wasn’t like some random asshole on the street, sizing me up like a piece of meat. When Baen did it, it made me feel desired. Not in a gross way – like I was fodder for someone’s spank bank – but like I was a prize to be won. That was the kind of love I sought. I wanted a man who wanted me, deeply.

Still, there was no way I was stripping in front of him. I straightened my shoulders and pulled up all the courage I had. “No one is here judging my obedience. I don’t have to do what you say.”

He didn’t bat an eye at my challenge. “Think of it as practice, lass. No’ to mention, it’ll be fun.”

“Fun?” I snorted. Clearly his hobbies and mine differed greatly.

“Why no’ embrace the role fully, Maggie?” He stalked toward me, quiet but lethal. “You might find you like it.”

Now that was too close to the truth. I took a few steps back to keep a distance as he moved toward me. I steadied my knees and gave myself a pep talk.

Do not remember how his hand felt in your hair. Don’t think about his breath next to your ear, whispering gruffly.

My legs hit something behind me. I turned to look. The bed.

Garbage. Think about taking out the garbage. My grandma in her underwear.

I grimaced.

“What are you thinkin’ about?” Baen asked. I could hear the laughter in his voice though I refused to look at him.

“My grandma’s underwear.”

His booming laugh startled me and I finally gazed up at him and scowled. “It’s your fault! You…affect me.”

Laughter faded and he leaned down so his face was just next to mine. The roughness of his beard tickled my cheek – warm and scratchy. A shiver slid down my spine. I’d slept with two men in my life yet I’d never felt such intimacy.

“Glad I’m no’ the only one,” he rasped in my ear.

Grand prize -  One book from each author.

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Deanndra Hall Blog Tour

Interview with Deanndra:

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Through my writing, I want my readers to know that a person’s love life doesn’t just magically go to sleep on their fortieth birthday. We can all have vibrant, steamy love lives well into our twilight years. The idea that a person who’s 22 is a sexual expert is laughable to the over-40 crowd, and a lot of us buy and read erotic romance and erotica. We’ve been through there and we’re on the other side; we know the score. But I have younger characters too.

How do you come up with your characters?

They typically find me! I’ve only had to go hunting for a few of them. Most of them just wandered into the writing and made themselves at home. Fortunately, I’ve been smart enough to say, “Hey, come on in! Have a seat and tell me about yourself!” And it’s worked out well. My biggest challenge is finding different names for all of them, believe it or not.

Do you have any writing rituals that you do while writing?

Nope. I just write. I wrote over 130,000 words during National Novel Writing Month in October. I’ve been known to put down 11,000+ words in a day’s time (but that’s the extreme). I can write just about anywhere, and when I’ve got it all down, I send the files to my iPad and do my editing there.

What types of books do you enjoy reading in your free time or what do you like to do with your free time?

I work out at the gym several times a week, and I like lifting – I’ll use the machines, but I love the free weights. During good weather, I hike and kayak. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and laughing. My nail tech tells me I’m great entertainment. When I’m reading, it’s erotic romance or erotica, general adult fiction, women’s fiction, or marketing materials and information. And in my last book of my big series, I’m going to have an element of Male/Male romance, so I’ve got to do some research. I’m looking forward to that!

Favorite type of music to have playing while writing?

If I have music going, it’s country. Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Thomas Rhett, you get the picture. I never liked country music, and then I discovered that it’s the most romantic music out there. But I usually write in complete silence, believe it or not.

Does your family read your books?

My partner does. He reads a lot and is really good at critiquing and beta reading. The rest, um, not so much. Most of my family members are too inhibited to read my work, and my kids are “creeped out” by the idea of their mother writing erotic romance or erotica. And I think the whole thing is really funny!

Thanks for letting me come and visit today. I hope your readers will enjoy The Celtic Fan.


Who is Nick Roberts?

The Celtic Fan is a runaway bestseller. But no one's seen its elusive author. Nick Roberts doesn't do book signings, TV appearandes, or interviews. He's not on social media. No one knows him. And dozens of Internet groups have popped up, all looking for him, and some offering rewards for knowledge of him and his whereabouts.

Four old friends are planning their annual "guys roadtrip" when Russ comes up with an idea: Armed with an address stolen from the publisher's database, they'll go in search of Nick Roberts in a sleepy little North Carolina town near the Smokey Mountains. But as Russ, Michael, and Jim get distracted by other things, only one stays the course: Steve Riley, a journalist from Knoxville, is determined to find Nick Roberts.

Once on his quest, dealing with a deluge, flash flood, and an obviously incorrect address thwart Steve's chances to find Roberts. But as time and the elements have their way, Steve realizes he might be wrong about his failure. The question ceases to be finding Roberts.

It turns out the real question is, if he finds Roberts, will he tell?

Set in the foothills of the beautiful Smokey Mountains, Steve's story is interwoven with Roberts' original tragic tale of Bill and Claire, two young people in love in post-World War II America. It's a story of love, loss, and one man's tale of a story he never thought he'd tell.

Buy Links:

Author Contact Link
Twitter: @DeanndraHall
Deanndra is giving away 3 signed copies of The Celtic Fan either print or Ebook to 3 random commenters.

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