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VBT ~ Elise Logan and Emily Ryan-Davis: Menage on 34th St

Katrina and Liam Holland have the perfect marriage, a home in the trendiest part of Baltimore, and a scorching sex life. As another Christmas approaches, there’s only one thing still on Kat’s wish list: Hunter Croft. But she made peace long ago with his decision to choose the marines over their relationship. Until seeing him again arouses feelings she thought were in the past…
Hunter has spent a decade outrunning his attraction to both Kat and Liam. But now that he’s stateside, his self-control crumbles when he comes face-to-face with the two people who star in all his favorite fantasies. Their reunion is both erotic and emotional—and has Hunter wondering if three’s really a crowd, after all.
Liam can’t imagine his life without Kat. But he can imagine a future where the three of them live and love under one roof. Liam and Kat have shared their bed with other men, but Hunter is the only one who could ever have a place in their hearts. And this holiday season, Liam intends to make their dream a reality.

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Emily is offering an autographed print copy of the Carina Press erotic holiday anthology SEASON OF SEDUCTION and a basket full of treats to sweeten the holiday season. 

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The Young and the Submissive Blog Tour












The Young and The Submissive is the second installment in the super sexy serialized Doms of Her Life series. It picks up shortly after the first title, One Dom to Love, left off.

The Young And The Submissive
Doms of Her Life, Book 2

Raine Kendall has everything a woman could want…almost. Sexy, tender Dom Liam O’Neill is her knight in shining armor, but Raine keeps pinching herself. Is he too good to be true or is this growing connection one that could last a lifetime? She’s constantly torn by her abiding feelings for her commanding boss, Macen “Hammer” Hammerman, especially in the wake the mind-blowing night he cast aside the barriers between them and ravaged every inch of her body.

Hammer, Liam’s former best friend, can’t stop coveting Raine. But Liam is determined to hold and guide the woman he loves and see if she can be the submissive of his dreams. However, he’s finding that her trust is hard won and he needs a bloody crowbar to pry open her scarred soul. So he risks everything to win her once and for all. But once he’s put his daring plan in motion, will it cost Liam his heart if he loses Raine to Hammer for good?

Author Contact Info:

Shayla Black 

Jenna Jacob

Isabella LaPearl

Contest Information:

Shayla, Jenna, and Isabella are giving away a copy of the book signed by all three of them at each blog stop. Follow the tour and comment with your email each day for more chances to win. They are also giveaway away a grand prize of a kindle paperwhite to one random commenter. Fill out the rafflecopter below to enter! 

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Promo Tour for Delayed Penalty by Bianca Sommerland


All choices have consequences, only sometimes they’re . . . delayed.

Cortland Nash fled Dartmouth to avoid being arrested for murder, but his best friend, Ford Delgado, is in danger. Cort returns, prepared to keep his head down, and do whatever it takes to keep Ford breathing, but when he finds a beautiful young woman out in the snow, frozen in fear, his plans change. He needs to make sure she’s safe—even if the greatest danger is him.

Akira Hayashi never thought she’d overcome her fear of men, but the care of an experienced Dom helped her achieve so much more. She’s embraced her submissive side, and found her strength as the captain of the Dartmouth Cobras’ Ice Girls. There’s nothing she can’t do—except function when she’s mugged in a parking lot. The intimidating stranger who rescues her makes her feel things she never thought possible. The only problem is his connection with Ford, a man she’ll hate forever because she refuses to feel anything else.

With the constant threats from the crime lord he once called “Dad,” Ford Delgado has no room in his life for love. Unfortunately, Akira already has his heart—which is split in two when he discovers Cort is dating her. The betrayal has him lashing out, trying to move on, to grow as a Dom, and free himself from Kingsley’s criminal empire. He tries to forget what Akira means to him, but one look into her eyes shows him the last thing she needs is for him to let her go.

This e-book contains material not suitable for readers under 18. There are situations involving sex and violence and extreme emotions as a result. It also contains scenes that some may find objectionable, including BDSM and other rather enjoyable practices. As the characters are prone to exploring their sexuality, it is advised that readers be prepared to see some lines blurred. Or erased….

Author takes no responsibility for nonexistent lines. ;)

Author’s Note: The Cobras series has a continuing arc about the franchise, players, and previous relationships. Some plots continue through the series and may involve more than the main ménage. The series is best read in order.


Ford squared his shoulders and placed his hands on his hips, looking her over, his lips slanted in amusement. “You don’t really expect me to chase you around the cabin, do you?”
“How else are you going to catch me?” She skittered sideways in the opposite direction as he took a step around the table. His dark look had her shaking even harder and her cheeks heated as her panties became uncomfortably damp. She jumped as he strode toward her, scrambling to keep away, even though her body screamed for her to throw herself at him. Her tone was sharper than she meant it to be. “You’re not very good at this game.”
“Because I’m still trying to figure out how far you want this to go. What happens when I catch you, shorty?”
“You win.” She swallowed and braced to make a run for it. Maybe she was thinking too much. The limits would come in time. In this moment, all that should matter was one of her needs was being met. She didn’t have to give in. Ford would make her.
His next step had her tripping sideways, swiftly plotting her escape, but then his sharp tone made her freeze. “Stop.”
Trembling, she fisted her hands by her sides as he came to her. She yelped as he picked her up and dropped her on the sofa, the landing causing the air to whoosh out of her lungs. Before she could gather her wits and spring back up, he had her trapped.
“Cheater!” She laughed and slapped his chest, then bit her bottom lip, not sure if she’d gone too far.
He shackled her wrists with his hands and pulled them over her head, laughing softly as she squirmed beneath him. “I can’t cheat at a game neither of us wants me to lose.” Holding her wrists in one hand, he brought the other down to her throat with a light pressure that had her holding completely still. “One day, during the summer, I’ll bring you out into the woods and let you run as far as you can. And when I catch you, I’ll take you right there in the dirt, no matter how much you struggle.” He spoke against her lips. “But we’re not ready for that yet. I wanted our first time to be somewhere a little softer than the floor.”
And there it was, Ford doing what everyone else did. Telling her she wasn’t ready. She ground her teeth and turned her head. “Softer is good. And you better be really gentle. Otherwise, I could shatter.”
“Gentle?” Ford moved his hand from her throat and reached down to undo his belt. He pulled it from his jeans in one smooth motion, then brought it up to bind her wrists. Then he flipped her over so she was kneeling on the sofa, her bound wrists held firmly over her bowed head. “I never said I’d be gentle.”

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About the Author
Tell you about me? Hmm, well, there’s not much to say. I love hockey and cars and my kids…not in that order of course! Lol! When I’m not writing—which isn’t often—I’m usually watching a game or a car show while networking. Going out with my kids is my only downtime. I get to clear my head and forget everything.
As for when and why I first started writing, I guess I thought I’d get extra cookies if I was quiet for a while—that’s how young I was. I used to bring my grandmother barely legible pages filled with tales of evil unicorns. She told me then that I would be a famous author.
I hope one day to prove her right.
For more of my work, please visit:

You Can also find me on Facebook, and Twitter

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10/24/2013UNDER THE

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Author Spotlight: Kelly Moran

Thanks so much for having me! I will give away an eBook copy of The Dysfunctional Test to one commenter.

Book Blurb:
You are cordially challenged to a test of true love... Thanks to her large, crazy Serbian family, Camryn Covic is an expert at shutting down her emotions in order to maintain her sanity. But when she loses her apartment, her job and her boyfriend all in one day, she hits her breaking point. Worse, if her family finds out she's single again, her sister's upcoming wedding will be a disaster. The bride-to-be has a plan, though. A plan that involves an old friend, a pretend relationship... and the probability of ending up in a padded cell. Troy Lanske agrees to the crazy plan only because Camryn was once his lifeline as a foster child. But she isn't the idealistic girl he remembers. She's become so jaded that she doesn't even believe in love anymore. He sets out to restore her faith in happily-ever-afters, but his plan backfires when the fake relationship begins to feel all too real. Falling for the one woman he can't have could mean losing more than just his honorary family. He could lose everything.
“What’s wrong?” she asked, worried the heat or altitude was getting to him. When they first exited the car she noticed how much thinner the air was. Perhaps he hadn’t adjusted yet. “I have an idea, and you won’t like it.” “Then my answer is no.” “You haven’t heard the idea yet.” “I don’t need to. If you think it’s a bad idea…” “I didn’t say it was a bad idea. I said you wouldn’t like it.” She crossed her arms. “Same difference.” He looked un-amused. “Everyone is sitting across the yard over there. We can see them, which means they can see us. We need a public display.” She didn’t like the sound of that. But before she could process fully, he slid an arm around her waist and drew her to him. Hard chest. Wall of hard chest. Now there was no air. “Act like we’ve done this before,” he whispered. “Done what?” “Kiss, Cam. Act like you’ve kissed me before.” “How am I supposed to do…?” The words died in her throat as his mouth closed over hers.
Here's the trailer!

Just comment below to enter the giveaway. Be sure to leave your email so I know how to contact you.

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VBT ~ Angel Payne Hnndcuffed by Her Hero

Handcuffed By Her Hero

Between a rock and a hard place.

To Sergeant Zeke Hayes, the expression has always been a non-factor. There's never been a situation he can't blast, punch, or smart-ass his way out of, which makes him the perfect fit for his Special Forces battalion--and a natural-born Dominant who's made a lot of submissives happy from Mt. Rainier to Vancouver.

That all changes when Rayna Chestain enters his world.

A rock.

From the moment Z snatches Rayna from the lair of a South Asian slave trafficker, his inner grizzly roars to life. This is a huge damn problem, because Z isn't wired to be a one-woman man. Growing up an orphan on the streets of Seattle has taught him that beyond a few hours in a dungeon, trust means disappointment and love leads to agony. But here he is, in the remote wilderness escape he'd promised not to share with anyone, harboring Rayna from a fiend who now wants his pound of revenge flesh from her.

A hard place.

Sheltering Rayna? Z's never done anything more right in his life. But wanting her? Dreaming of her beneath him, surrendering to his passion and domination? It's the most forbidden fruit he can crave...and the only thing he can't stop thinking about.
A new beginning?
This is a dead-end canyon that no rifle, bomb or sweet talk will let Zeke escape from. The only way out is to confront the reality of what Rayna has done to him...the mountain she's moved in his intractable heart.

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BDSM Book Reviews
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Romance Book Craze


Salacious Reads
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Dawn's Reading Nook
Isabella LaPearl
Babbling About Books


Erzabet's Enchantments
Kinky Book Reviews
Under the Covers


Simply Ali
Illustrious Illusions
RomFan Reviews

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Angel is offering one prize of a $75 Gift Card to either Amazon or 

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VBT ~ Trouble in Thigh High Boots by Elizabeth Black

Trouble In Thigh High Boots

This isn't your mother's Puss In Boots.

This erotic version of Puss In Boots, "Trouble In Thigh High Boots" is a story packed with hot, sexy, body-humping adult fairy tale erotica.

""Trouble in Thigh High Boots" is a delightfully creative retelling of the Puss in Boots tale. It is a tale that has been told myriad times, but never in such a wonderfully imaginative way. The characters are enchanting, and the story flows beautifully. The love scenes are sizzling."

-- Hitherandthee of Night Owl Reviews

WARNING: Tita isn't your run of the mill Puss In Boots. She's a cat shapeshifter who turns into a mouth-wateringly sexy human woman with a sex drive to match. This story includes M/F, F/F, M/F/M/F, light bondage, and erotic lactation. This erotic fairy tale will get you hot in all the right places. Definitely for only 18 years and over.

Tita is a Puss In Boots with a little something extra. Being a magical creature, she shifts from a kitty into the form of an alluring, ginger-haired woman when the situation demands it. And what a situation she finds herself in! Her new master Dylan is a poor man who needs a boost in the world. Sly Tita uses her seductive wiles to pass him off to the villagers and the king as the Marquis of Carabas in order to help both of them gain their fortunes. Her plan is not without its problems. Dylan's malicious brother, Zane, lusts after Tita, and he wants her all to himself, but she refuses to succumb to his treachery. Being a cat first and foremost, she purrs in the arms of her many lovers but her heart belongs to only one man - the king. She hopes that in ensuring Dylan his lofty place in the world the king finds a place in his heart for her. Her life becomes an erotic adventure in reaching her goals.

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Guest Post:

Weaving a Fairytale World Into Romance

Fairy tales are inherently romantic. Sleeping Beauty and Snow White are awakened by true love's kiss. Rapunzel is saved from a lonely existence by a handsome prince who happened to hear her beautiful singing voice coming from her tower. The handsome prince slipping Cinderella's glass slipper onto her tiny foot hints at a wedding ring to come. Beauty sees the love and humanity in the Beast. In a similar fashion, the princess sees past the frog's warts, kisses him, and releases a handsome prince from a curse. True love conquers all! Even the Little Mermaid knows that her prince's true love will bring her humanity, even though her story does not turn out the way she wished.
Stepmothers don't figure so well in fairy tales, but they provide a necessary counterbalance to enhance the heroine's innocent, purity, and beauty. Despite the wicked stepmother stealing the queen's children in The Six Swans, the queen is unable to speak or laugh for six years until she finishes sewing shirts made from star flowers to relieve her six brother's from a curse laid upon them by the wicked stepmother who had turned them into swans. Snow White's stepmother the wicked queen tries three times to kill her, yet her attempts only make Snow stronger. Rapunzel's stepmother passes herself off as her mother and imprisons her in a tower. It takes a handsome prince to release her.
Fairy tales are very popular these days. The movies brought us Disney's watered down (and not as dark) versions of fairy tales like Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel ("Tangled"), Cinderella, and Snow White. Then there is "Snow White And The Huntsman". "Once Upon A Time" is one of the most popular shows on television. All show the power of true love's kiss bringing happiness and love to the hero and heroine.

One of my favorite fairy tales is Puss In Boots, which is a tale of both romance and high adventure. Puss seeks to improve his life by passing off his new master as the fictitious Marquis of Carabas so that both of them may acquire their fortunes. The goal is to lead a life of comfort and pleasure, which is a far cry from the toiling and poverty they currently live in. I liked Puss's clever nature, his creativity, his cunning, and his sense of adventure. All of those qualities and more are why I chose to write an erotic romance version of Puss In Boots entitled "Trouble In Thigh High Boots".

The first thing I did was change Puss from a tom cat to a tall, sexy red-headed female cat shape shifter named Tita. Tita is short for "la gatita", which is Spanish for "female kitten". Tita is not her real name. She will only tell her real name to the man she loves - the king. She's a long way off from standing by his side, though. The king was well acquainted with her when she was a kitten and he was a lad (although he didn't know she was a shape shifter), but tragedy drove them apart. "Trouble In Thigh High Boots" starts out with Tita convincing her new master, a poor cobbler named Dylan, to allow her to pass him off as the Marquis of Carabas. Their little con act will hopefully bring them food, wine, land, and fortune. Can Tita pull all that off? Read the book to find out.

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7/22: Simply Ali

Prize Info:
Elizabeth is giving away one ecopy of her other Erotic Fairy Tale "Climbing her Tower" at each stop of the tour. She is also giving away a $20 Amazon Gift Card to one grand prize winner. Rafflecopeter code below for the grand prize. 

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VBT ~ Conquer your Love by J.C. Reed

Conquer Your Love

Release date: June 8th, 2013
Mature New Adult/ Adult Contemporary Romance - recommended for ages 18 and up.

Meeting Jett was like bad luck. Dangerous. Unpredictable. And better avoided. In his game, the stakes are high. But are they worth the risk?

Brooke Stewart, a realtor in New York, finds forgetting is hard, but forgiving is harder. When the man she trusted, betrayed her, the only way to forget is to move on. Brooke is determined to start a new life, until she meets him again: the green-eyed, sexy as sin, six foot two sex god. The man who played dirty. The man who played her.

Sexy, handsome, and arrogant Jett Mayfield knows he has made mistakes. He could have any other woman, and yet it’s Brooke he wants. When second chances collide with secrets and Brooke is threatened by the past, Jett is determined to protect her. She accepts his help unwillingly because she needs him but she wants to play his game on her own terms. And she has no intention to forgive or let him back into her bed.

When the man she is supposed to hate is the one she should trust, will he conquer her…or lose her forever?

A woman who can’t forgive.
A man who has made mistakes.
Two lives that are about to cross again and more secrets laid bare.

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VBT: Hazel St James - Fighting For You - interview and giveaway

Are you ready for an exlusive interview with Peyton, the herroine from Fighting for You? Well, Hazel sat down with her and here is what happened.....

Thank you for having me on your blog!  Today, I have the lovely Peyton Bauer here with us to interview!  If you haven’t met Peyton yet, she is the female hottie in the story, “Fighting For You.”  You haven’t read the book yet???  What are you waiting for!!  

Here is the official blurb to the story:

Tristan Hart is just getting started out in the world, when he is handed a severe blow that breaks down every barrier he has ever erected.  What gets left behind is a twenty-four year old tortured soul, searching for the road to redemption. 

Peyton Bauer is a natural born nurturer that wants nothing more than to care for those in her life.  She carries her own past that she keeps carefully hidden from everyone.  Peyton and Tristan are thrown together by fate and the attraction between them is instant.  

Tristan sees his recovery as slow going, but even still, he is ignoring a part of himself that often times appears in his dreams.  Those dreams hold so much more than Tristan is willing to acknowledge and it holds him back.

Tristan and Peyton struggle to find a happy medium for themselves as the relationship heats up.  Tristan is left with a difficult decision that he doesn’t want to make.

 How far will they go to hang on to something doomed to fail?  Will Tristan’s life make strides in the right direction, or does his lack of foresight cause his world to come crumbling down?

Hazel: Peyton!!  Sweetheart!!  Tell us how things are going in Colorado?!

Peyton: Oh, they’re going.  Tristan is a bit overwhelming some days, but we are doing good...

Hazel:  Well, can you tell us how the relationship is going?  ((Whispering…get right to the dirt, girlfriend))

Peyton:  ((laughs)) Well, it took us a while to get there, but we definitely got the sex department handled.

Hazel:  You can’t stop there!  What do you mean?  Hot? Steamy? Is he bossy in bed?

Peyton:  I’m pretty sure that I would be given a stern look if I got that detailed, but let’s just say that he can be pretty creative. 

Hazel:  That’s it? Creative?  Nothing more?

Peyton:  Oh, fine, Hazel!  The man is sex on a stick!  I think I saw stars!!

Hazel:  Well!  ((smoothing out my hair))  Since you are quiet in that regard, maybe I should just throw out a teaser scene?  Hmmmm….

Tristan moved away from the overly-erect and glistening wet nipple and inched towards its lonely partner.  He lavished the same attention on this one, using his teeth to slide the stud back and forth as he pulled the nub out. 

“Oh, God, Tristan.  That feels good.  More.”

Tristan wrapped his hands around Peyton’s back and lifted her off the counter.  She clung to him, as he nipped and licked every inch of her neck and then her face.  He gave her a chaste kiss on the lips and let go of his hold on her.  Peyton slid down his body and her hands fell to her sides.  Tristan told her with a laugh, 

“Nope.  No more for you, Fancy Pants.”

She put her lips out in a mock pout and smacked him in the arm.  “Ah!  There are other areas involved in foreplay, Tristan Hart!  If I knew your middle name, I soooo would have used it there, buddy!”

 Tristan pulled her tight up against him, and kissed her long and hard.  When he let go, she was panting and she was looking up at him through her eyelashes.  “My middle name is Blair, and when you’re ready for me to see all of your areas,” he gave her a jerk against his body for emphasis, “it will be when you are ready to scream my name a good half dozen times.”  He gave her a kiss on the nose, and let go of her, leaving her standing there completely dazed. 

“Come on, baby.  Let’s go to the gym and work off some of this extra energy.”

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Hazel is giving away Copy of "Fighting For You" as well as $5 Amazon Gift Card for Each Stop. Also
giving away $25 Amazon gift card as a grand prize for the entire tour.
Please comment with your email for a chance to win. No email = no entry

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