Friday, March 21, 2014

VBT ~ Master of My Mind by Jenna Jacob and Giveaway! Win a Kindle Fire!!!!

The Biggest Club Genesis Book Yet! 

After the shocking death of my Master left me stunned, the revenge his ex-wife and daughter sought was almost as devastating. Seeking refuge at Club Genesis, my one safe haven, I returned to heal and get back on my own two feet.

But I soon learned that fate had other plans for Leagh Bennett
Tony Delvaggio, the panty-melting sadist and resident shrink of Genesis, took me under his wing. Both frightened by his intensity and secretly thrilled by his unwavering attention, I tried to hide my past and barricade my soul from him. But Tony coaxed my thoughts with his deep voice and seduced my body with his rough hands. Before long, he pried open my heart as well. But when it became clear that someone meant to kill me, I came to a terrifying conclusion: I would have to put my complete trust and submission in the Master of my mind or die…

Jenna is offering 3 HUGE gift baskets!

2nd and 3rd place winners will each receive signed print copies of books 1&2 in the Doms of Genesis series, swag, and a $20 Amazon gift card.

1st place will receive signed print copies of books 1&2 in the Doms of Genesis series, swag, a $20 Amazon gift card and a 7" Kindle Fire.







  1. Still think this book looks and sounds GREAT! Wonderful giveaway you got going on too.

  2. So glad you're here, Marie - THANK YOU!! {{Hugs}}

  3. Oh yay, a new book to check out. This sounds really good. :D

  4. Love the cover! Sounds like it is going to be really good.. thanks for sharing!

  5. Let me know how you like it, Sue. Thank YOU, Victoria! And a big honkin' THANK YOU to Romance Book Craze for inviting me here today. {{Hugs}}

  6. Jenna, the 1-click button is teasing me!!! Quick~ throw another excerpt as a distraction ;)

    ilookfamous at yahoo dot com

    1. OMG, I am rotflmao~ the second part of my captcha code was BDS. I shit you not! Oh LOL

  7. OMG Elise - that is too funny!! Okay you wanted another excerpt - here you go!! *grin*

    Tony squeezed my hand and drew it to his lips. “I’m sorry you lost Nathan.”
    Leaning to the side, I rested my head on his shoulder. “So am I. He would have been nine years old now.”
    “Nine?” Tony asked in a shocked whisper.
    “Yes, I got pregnant when I was seventeen, and no… he wasn’t planned,” I explained with a weak smile.
    “And the father?”
    A wave of dread swamped me. Peeking up at him, I shook my head. “I paid a terrible price getting involved with Nathan’s father. And while I’ll probably always feel regret, surviving all that came from it changed me. I don’t want to talk about that today. It’s a day for happiness, Tony. Can we leave it alone for now?”
    “Every day should be a happy day for you, sweetheart.”
    Lifting my head, I boldly gazed into his eyes. “Every day I spend with you… is.”
    That broad smile of his, the one that melted me every time, blossomed over his mouth. Sliding his hand in my hair, Tony drew me in close. The intensity of his kiss spoke volumes, far more than words could convey. I tasted his passion and adoration. And for the first time, there was no guilt over George or fear I was making another stupid mistake, just an overwhelming rightness I couldn’t deny.
    Sinking deeper into his kiss, my lips parted in welcome. Needing and wanting, I accepted his tongue. And he explored each soft crevice of my mouth as I drowned in his heady scent, his intoxicating taste. And his persuasive demand. The world around us ceased to exist. Fire spread from deep in my womb, stretching out through my limbs, and I whimpered as Tony slowly eased away.
    “Leagh,” he murmured in a deep and ragged timbre.
    Lifting my right hand, I tangled my fingers in his shirt as I stared at his wet, swollen lips. Tony leaned in again. The soft stroke of his tongue along the seam of my lips—his question silent but demanding—did I want more? Want his passion and control, his pleasure and guidance, his power and contentment? Little did he know I’d lost the battle to resist him. Tony had crawled inside my soul deeper and more thoroughly than any man had before. Touching me on such a primal level I couldn’t turn back now if I wanted to. And god help me, I didn’t want to.
    On a ragged moan, I surrendered to his kiss. Opened and gave him the power to strip my defenses. Seize my vulnerabilities. And claim my wounded soul.

  8. Thank you all for coming out today to help me celebrate the release of "Master Of My Mind." And thank you Romance Book Craze for inviting me. It's been a BLAST!!! Good luck, ladies and {{{hugssssss}}} to you ALL!!!

  9. Love the cover. Adding to my wishlist. :)

  10. congrats Jenna on the new release! This looks and sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Love the cover and the excerpt! Thank you :)

  12. Wow looks amazing. I read about it on another blog but did nto comment.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  13. Thank you SOOO much, ladies!! You guys are AMAZING!!! <3

  14. Sounds like a great giveaway to me. Thank you


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