Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sexiest Cover Contest!!!

I don't know about you but when it comes to purchasing a book I always take the cover art into consideration! If the cover is not appealing then I honestly don't even look at the back of the book. There have been authors that I have never read before that I bought because the cover caught my eye ;) I have even bought books that I have no intention of ever reading because the cover is pretty. 

I have picked out 5 covers that have caught my eye in the past. Take a look at the poll to the right and vote for the sexiest cover! Comment here and tell me you voted and also tell me how you feel about cover art. Does it affect your buying? Do you buy books just for the cover?  One random commenter will win a copy of the winning book!!! Contest runs through Sunday and I will pick a winner Monday and post here. Please leave your email addy so I can contact you. Also if you would be willing to follow this blog that would be amazing as well :D

Ready, Set, Vote!


  1. Only 5 to pick from :)

  2. I've voted now :o) Usually the covers do have some influence on my choice to buy a book or not but unless it is truly a hideous cover it won't keep me from reading the description of the book. I have chosen not to buy a book because of the cover and then have it recommended to me and I did read it then. Turned out it was a really good book, so now I try to not judge a book by its cover, haha ;o)

  3. Don't forget to comment or I won't know that you voted!!!!!!

  4. I voted and they are all pretty hot...I pick alot of my books by the cover too.

    Gigi s

  5. that is way to hard. lol I did pick one but i'd rather pick them all.

    Lisa B
    modokker at yahoo dot com

  6. Out of all for some reason Anya Bast's really caught my attention

  7. it's kinda funny that The Chosen Sin is listed because a couple of years back, I actually was looking for another vampire book to read and I did something I don't normally do, I bought a book because of the hot guy on the cover. I'm pretty sure it was my first Erotica read. To this day, I still love that cover.

  8. My vote went for Chosen Sin by Anya Bast. I love her books and the covers are always winners. I'm sure my two daughters (who are str8) would be panting over all of them.

    NoraAdrienne (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. I enjoyed all 5 covers. I actually own 4 out of 5 of the books. I admit that I am a very visual person and the cover is the first thing I look at. But, if the cover is not visually pleasant, I won't even bother picking the book up to see if I like the story.

  10. I picked a cover....the cover is the first thing I's like the first impression I get of the book - doesn't mean it has to be sexy but it does have to appeal to me on some level

  11. I voted but it was not easy. . .they are all hot! As to buying, when I am picking up my favorite authors' books, I buy no matter what the cover looks like. But if a cover really catches my eye, I will pick up the book to read the back cover. LOL. . . that is how my list of TBR authors has gotten so long.

  12. I had a tie between Anya Bast and Cynthia Eden, but will have to say Anya's is slightly ahead, so I will say The Chosen Sin. I look at the cover before I see who the author is. I too have found new authors to me to read because of the cover.

    Elizabeth Gray

  13. I love Shoulda Been A Cowboy and I think the cover is great but I love love The Chosen Sin cover. This was so hard because they are all so good.

  14. I voted but that was hard. All the covers are great. :-)

  15. The vote was hard cause all these covers are HOT!!!! ;-) I so enjoy
    cover art!!! It is my first impression of a book when I take it off a shelf. Ultimately, the plot of the blurb determines my purchase but awesome cover art does help!!! :-) Thanks for this fun giveaway!!!


  16. I picked one, but it wasn't easy, they all look sooo HAWT!!!!!

  17. I voted!
    Cover art does matter, it's our first impression of the book and I know alot of time goes into making that right choice for the author/publisher. There have been several instances where I've been browsing for something interesting and/or on sale to read and the cover is what catches you first, then you read the blurb to see if it appeals to you.

  18. Of course, senile moment forgot to leave my email!

  19. We have a winner!!!

    The winning book was Lorelei James with Jo Davis and Anya Bast being very close behind.

    Using I choose a winner!!!

    Congrats to AprilR.

    Please email me with your snail mail so I can get your book in the mail :D


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