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Today my feature author is Cathryn Fox from the Wicked Writers Blog/Yahoo Group. Scroll down to read the blurb on her newest release and check out what I thought of it. Be sure to comment for a chance to win!

Lauren Gray loves everything about Adam Wilson, everything from his zest for life to his roguish good looks and his wild, wicked ways in bed. She can't, however, deny that his absence during the week poses a problem for her, but as a commercial pilot, he spends his weekdays flying. Nor can she deny that while she loves their frantic lovemaking sessions, there are times when she'd like to shift things into slow gear. 

When she discovers Adam home during the weekday, draped in darkness and asleep in his bed, she isn't about to question her good fortune. She slips between the sheets with him and attributes his achingly gentle touch and soft, sensuous kisses to his mellow state. Except come morning she realizes that it wasn't Adam who was searing her body with his slow, sultry lovemaking, it was his brother Garret—a race car driver who, unlike Adam, is home during the week and uses a gentle hand in the bedroom. 

Lauren can't help but think that separately the brothers are amazing, but a combination of the two makes the perfect package. And when this good girl realizes she's torn between two brothers it has her thinking about breaking all the rules... 


A hot, fast paced, novella that will have you fanning yourself in no time at all.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It had me sucked in right away and it wouldn't let go until the last page. Lauren if very sexual and has a great outgoing personality. Adam is strong and commanding in a very Alpha way. Garrett is soft, gentle and very nurturing. I absolutely loved every one of them. The story was good for a novella and the chemistry and sex scenes were smoking. The only problem I have with this book was it was too short. I would have liked this to be longer so I could get more of these two extremely hot, sexy men. 

I give this book 4 drinks

Now for the contest!!! Cathryn is generously offering one commenter a copy of "Indulgent" All you have to do is follow this blog and leave a comment . Tell me what attributes the perfect man has. Please leave your email addy so I can contact you if you win. I will choose a winner on Sept 16th and post here.

Thanks for entering. Remember there are still two weeks to enter the contest so spread the word. I will 
post winners on 9/16 here on my blog. Good Luck!!!

*US Residence Only
* Must be 18 to enter


  1. The perfect man?... Does one exist?:) If one does, then I'd have to say charm, good looks, nice build, humor... the list could go on:)

    *Blog Follower

  2. I've read Torn Between Two Brothers and loved it, too! Love Cathryn Fox's books.

    Some of the attributes my perfect man has include a sense of humor, a strong moral code, and consideration for others.

    Thanks for the chance to win "Indulgent".

  3. The perfect man would have to be strong, sexy, loving and have a sense of humor.
    I am follower debby236 at gmail dot com

  4. The perfect man!
    Hmmm,Strong,sexy,sweet and maybe some mistery in there to.Not to much just anuff to make him even sexyer*winks*

  5. Oooh another new author for me. This book sounds great!

    The perfect man...hmmmm after 17 yrs of marriage I'd have to say someone who helps out around the house: cooking, cleaning, laundry and still strong, sexy, great personality and sense of humor.


  6. dall dark and handsome seems vague but its true i love a man with raven black hair with ice blue or denim blue eyes and at least 6 ft with perfect abs with little to know chest hair...i love the alpha male who will take care of my needs but let me be me...so my fairy tale man...


  7. The perfect man besides my husband, right?! LOL! Black, long hair with blue or green eyes. A GREAT butt and NO fat on their body...chiseled chest and muscled arms and legs. He is tough but sweet and will DIE for the right woman, if necessary. Definitely an alpha male! Ok, so maybe not my husband....:)

    books4me67 at ymail.com

  8. In my opinion, the perfect man would be strong, dominate, completely alpha, sexy, have a sense of humor. He would also love to clean and cook, and would spoil me rotten (very wealthy). Hey, a girl can dream right?

    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  9. If there really were such a thing, mine would be the typical alpha. Strong, dominant, sexy, full of bad boy attitude, tall, dark hair and eyes, muscular but not overly so, have a warped sense of humor, a strong sense of right/wrong (but recognizes life contains some grey areas), is kind to children, animals, the elderly and my friends...even if he doesn't necessarily like them. And of course, he loves and worships the ground I walk on and isn't afraid to be openly affectionate (even in front of his buddies, whom he knows will give him crap for it!). He also cares about my opinion and often seeks it on any number of things...a true alfa doesn't feel weakened by including his mate in discussing/making decisions that impact the family. One for all, all for one...and all that, yadda, yadda.


  10. Attributes the perfect man should have. What comes to mind is loyality - to those who hold his heart and important to him, he is always there and loyal. Puts others before himself. Sense of humor, knows when and where to have a good time or bust out the humor. Snarky. Not easily pushed around but stands his ground. Not afraid to show his soft and romantic side even going in knowing it would get him teased.

    Raonaid @ gmail dot com

  11. The perfect man is someone who will walk with you on the road of life. Not in front of you, expecting you to follow, or behind, pushing you in the direction only he wants to go. He should be able to know when you walk into a room just by feeling the connection you have.

    The perfect man should tell you you are beautiful, even if you don't think so at the time. He will offer to help with anything around the house. He will bring you flowers just because he thought of you, or cook you breakfast in bed.

    Actual physical aspects really don't make a difference as long as you believe he is the one for you, and he feels the same. He will love your children from prior relationships, should there be any as if they were his own. Being great in bed is another bonus.

    Elizabeth Gray

  12. oooh, the perfect match. I would say humor, gentleness, manors (which seems to have gone out with the old days), compassion, a nice build is okay, but not a given, good in the sack would also be nice but doesn't always go with the other stuff and one that is not self centered but dotes on you. hehehe

    I'm a follower
    j-coverholser at sbcglobal dot net

  13. I completely agree with Barb Battaglia's description, but I'd also add the following ingredients: eyes that laugh, a smile that goes on forever, and a heart that is true. Oh, and he HAS to be willing to share the chocolate!!




  14. great smile, sense of humor, one who can take charge or give support... as for the looks department lol really enjoyed seachele71's description.

    gfc- pams00
    pams00 @ aol.com

  15. The perfect man in my opinion is someone who is sweet, gentle, kind, caring, with a great sense of humor, who can also be an Alpha Male. Gorgeous eyes, an awesome smile and nice body are always an added bonus. (Long hair and tattoos are always a plus lol! My fiance is all of these things, but he doesnt have any tattoos...YET lol)
    Ashley A
    GFC Follower: AshleyAnne

  16. this sounds really good! The perfect man: ones who understanding, kind, has a sense of humor and can laugh at himself. is an alpha, long dark hair, tattoos and pericings..yum! lol thank you for the awesome contest!


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