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VBT ~ Kitsune Tales by TJ Rowser

Book Blurb:

It’s been centuries since the last Great Other War that plunged the human race into the dark ages. Pulling away from the gods, and other creatures God had sent to watch over them, humans have made a go of it for themselves, trying to find their own path, and in the process they have changed the world from flat to round and created a universe to go with it. The gods, angels and demons are still there, but left behind, ignored, while the humans flourish. But the Others haven’t forgotten the humans….

Ki was content living her quiet, orderly little life on the outskirts of the city pack as a runt. She’d built up her own business as a freelance researcher and while she didn’t have much, she had more than enough for her. Then she wakes one morning to find that two days of her life are missing, supposedly spent with not just one man, but two, and she suddenly has breasts. Not to mention two tails when she shifts. If that isn’t bad enough, her apartment building catches fire and someone in the smoke wants her dead.
On the run, Ki finds herself in strange company, from Gods to mythical creatures, and sorting out who wants her dead from who wants her alive isn’t going to be easy. With a little divine help, and some old friends, she just might make it out of this mess alive, or lose everything before she even knew what she had.


“You need us,” Fen said, his voice more confident. “Let us see.”
Her eyes flicked to Fen's. “I want a shower.”
“Please,” Fen said gently.
“We should have stayed,” Val said. “It's my fault, I made Fen leave, he wanted to stay...”
Ki looked back to Val and shook her head. “It wasn't anybody's fault,” she said after a moment.
“Please,” Val said, reaching up, but letting his hand fall away before he could touch her. “I need to see.”
Ki licked her lips, a gesture that Val couldn't fail to follow with his eyes. He'd felt those lips under his, tasted them, and she had been sweet. His stomach jerked with remembered pleasure, how her body had moved with his and Fen's, how her voice had sounded. He wanted that again. She seemed to know what he was thinking, because she blushed once more, eyes shifting away quickly.
“This is not a good idea,” Ki said as she bit down on her bottom lip.
“We're not going to jump you,” Fen said with a sigh.
Ki muttered something that Val couldn't understand and then let out a sigh of her own. “Fine,” she said in a huff. “But that's it for the night. I get a shower and I get some sleep before anything else. Agreed?”
Val glanced at Fen. “Agreed,” Fen said for both of them.
Ki shooed them back and Val was reluctant to lose that point of contact with her, but he obeyed. He needed to see this wound, know how bad it actually was before he lost it. If it was small then there was still time and he desperately wanted to know that there would be time. This girl did something to him that was both terrifying and wonderful. He had no idea what to do with those feelings and he felt that loss of control keenly.
It wasn't like his control was good at the best of times, and he'd come so close to doing something they all would have regretted last time. It was why he'd forced Fen to leave. His wolf had been too close to the surface that night and Ki had been so fragile. He could have killed her with what he wanted to do, what he’d almost done. Now she was paying for his lack of control. If they had stayed, she wouldn't have been shot, he knew that. He felt Fen's nudge and glanced over at his bond to see the frown on his face. Fen didn't agree.
Fen leaned over, lips pressed to Val's ear. “Not your fault,” he said, voice soft, breath heating Val's cold skin.
Val gave a shiver and leaned into Fen, allowing his eyes to close for a moment. When he opened them it was to find tawny eyes watching them widely. Ki's mouth was slightly parted as well, showing a hint of her pink tongue.
“Oh wow that's, like, totally hot,” said Hazel appearing on the back of the couch. “You godchildren have all the luck.”

Author Bio:

TJ Rowser grew up on a working farm that left her with plenty of time to explore her imagination while performing lots of physical labor. The older she got, the more that imagination expanded, and the less she liked the hard physical labor aspect. It took too much time away from the stories in head. Working through a string of office jobs, she found her niche in a helpdesk and settled down to raise a family while happily sitting around exploring the worlds that kept springing to life in her mind. When that wasn't quite enough, she started writing them down and sharing them out, which leads us here, to an author's page, and a book filled with the characters that knock around in her head on a daily basis. They (the characters) are quite pleased with the result and so is she, since happy characters make for a much quieter mind.


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  1. I find kitsunes so fascinating. I would love to red this book. Thanks so much for the chance.
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