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VBT ~ King Cobra by Jayne Rylon

Let me welcome Jayne Rylon!

Do you have a specific writing style?

Hmm… probably.  I’ve learned from co-writing with Mari Carr that a lot of what I took for granted in my own writing is really a style.  Her and I are very different in how we write.  I think readers must know within one paragraph of starting a Compass book which one of us took the lead on it!  I’d say my style tends to be pretty dramatic.  Not for everyone.  I don’t like to stick to clichés if I can help it and I try to always push the envelope, which may cross the believability line for some audiences.  One of my fetishes in evaluating my own writing is eliminating repeats.  I hate echoed words!  They drive me bananas.  Sometimes I know this leads me to make awkward vocabulary choices but I work a lot on finding a happy medium.  To me, how you say something should be as interesting as what you say.  I think I have times where I’m more successful at this than others but I always strive for adding a little sparkle with my words and descriptions.

How did you come up with the title?

All of the books in the Hot Rods series are named after the car the main hero or heroine of the book drives, along with an adjective that describes them.  King Cobra is about Eli, the head of the Hot Rods garage.  He drives a Shelby Cobra.   Future books in the series are titled MUSTANG Sally, Super NOVA, REBEL on the Run, SWINGER style, and BARRACUDA’s Heart.  I have a lot of classic car books and my husband is into hot rods so he’s been a big help in getting my research right and providing me with fun trivia to use in the books.  I hope it comes through in the stories!

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Honestly, I think the entire Powertools series and now the spin off Hot Rods series have been about the continuum of sexuality.  I guess I feel like people aren’t always straight or gay but that there are lots of shades in between.  Each of the individual characters in these books falls on a very different place in that spectrum.  Some, like Mike, the foreman of the crew are more straight but open-minded and I’d say James was just the opposite.  Most of them fall somewhere in between, though, and that flexibility has allowed the Crew to develop a unique relationship that they are now willing to share with their friends.  The Hot Rods are kind of different in that they’re just starting and building their future state where the Crew had already been established by the beginning of Kate’s Crew and were just waiting for their ladies.  The unknown allows for a lot of angst and growing pains in the Hot Rods.  I hope readers will be patient to watch the full relationship unfold.  Ultimately, I think the stories are based on an underlying message of tolerance and respecting the boundaries of the people around you even if they’re unconventional.

Do you have any writing rituals that you do while writing?

Well… I have a set of rituals now but I feel like they may be changing soon as many were born of necessity in the days when I had a full time career as the Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis for a Fortune 500 company in addition to writing.  As of writing this, I have just three days left working both jobs before becoming a full time author!  OMG & EEK.  So… old rituals include writing in the dead of night when the house is dark and quiet.  I usually am in my PJ’s and I used to write in bed on my laptop with my husband sleeping next to me until we renovated a room in our house as my office earlier this year.  Hopefully, in my new world, I will be getting up early, going to the gym then coming home to write.  Maybe have some Raman noodles or spaghetti o’s for lunch then write some more until it’s time to start dinner for Mr. Rylon.  Hoping that I can reach my word count goals while he’s at work and then actually get to spend some time with him in the evenings, maybe while sneaking on Facebook or taking care of the business of writing from the couch upstairs.  That’s the plan anyway, let’s see what happens!

What types of books do you enjoy reading in your free time or what do you like to do with your free time?

Honestly, I haven’t had any free time in the past five years or so as I was working a full time career as the Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis for a Fortune 500 company in addition to my career as an author.  As of the time I’m writing this I have three more days in corporate America.  I am so looking forward to catching up on the hundreds of books I’ve stockpiled in the past several years.  Some of my favorite authors include Suzanne Brockmann, Cindy Gerard, Cherry Adair, SE Jakes, Lora Leigh, Shayla Black, Sophie Oak, Lexie Blake, JD Robb, ah… too many to think of really!  In addition I’d like to maybe watch a little TV again.  Not a lot, but I haven’t watched TV in five years!  Maybe just a dancing show or Amazing Race since I love to travel.


Nothing’s sexier than seven men with hot rods.

Hot Rods, Book 1

After Eli’s mother died, his father honored her life’s mission as a social worker by taking in several kids from the wrong side of the tracks. Not all of them stuck, but those who did became Eli’s quasi family.
Their bonds, forged in fires set by their personal demons, are unbreakable—or so Eli wants to believe. Especially since he and Alanso, his best friend and head mechanic, witnessed the overpowering allure of polyamory while visiting the Powertools crew.
Much as Eli would like to deepen the relationships among his foster brothers and sister in the Hot Rods Restoration Team, he’s hesitant to risk everything on a quick romp behind a stack of tires.
But when Eli catches Alanso exploring their mutual fantasy at a known hookup spot in a public park, all bets are off. And Eli must decide if it’s time to jump in full throttle—and trust his instincts to guide him through the night. If the pair can dodge the potholes in their own relationship, maybe they can race together toward the unconventional arrangement with Mustang Sally they both desire.

Warning: Fasten your seatbelts, this is going to be a wild (and naughty) ride!

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  1. You are such a great writer that I know this will be another hit! Congrats

  2. I'm so excited to start on your books!

  3. I love seeing the development of the hot rods! The crew are amazing and so open and inclusive with the sexualities of the crew and ladies. The Hot Rods are already on track for that level of acceptance as evidenced by the scene where Alanso tells his "family" that he is gay and they don't bat an eyelash and completely accept him without hesitation.

  4. Hmmm hot cars and hot men. Sounds like I need to be reading these!

  5. I love muscle cars and muscles on men. I will be adding this to my TBR list!

  6. The Powertools series has been my favorite series that I have ever read, but I can tell that the Hot Rods are going to also be a favorite. The emotions as well as the heat level is going to make this group epic.

  7. Congratulations to Jayne on her new release, new series and being able to become a full time author. King Cobra sounds very interesting and the cover is uber hot!

  8. I love the titles of the Hot Rods series! My husband and I are into classic and antique cars so I know this is going to be a favorite series!

  9. I can't wait to read this new series! I have already put it on my must buy list :)

  10. Oh Miss Jayne, I absolutely adore you and love reading your books. Thank you so much for this FANtastic giveaway!! Happy writing to you!

  11. I love you writing style, and a few of your books I have re-read many times over, to the point I just re-read certain scenes because aahh they were that good!! I just want to hug you for that (= I wish you the best of luck in your new venture as a full time author, and believe me I will be buying many of your books to come, and I can't wait for what's in store for this year.

  12. I love how Jayne came up with the titles of the books! How did Jayne come up with the series idea?


  13. Congratulations on the book release!
    My seatbelt is fastened.....I'm ready.

  14. Good thing I like wild rides, Jayne ;) Thanks for the intro to this hot new series! Can't wait for ALL the Hot Rods!


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