Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Marissa's Review: Nocturnal Whispers by Caridad Pineiro

Nocturnal Whispers by Caridad Pineiro


For over a century, Lord Alec Wright has been condemned to wander the Earth searching for a mummy he stole from an Egyptian tomb. Cursed to see all his loved ones die, he also must endure the spirit that tortures him with unrelenting arousal every night until he atones for his crime.
After years of searching, Alec has finally found what he seeks—but museum curator Kate Morton stands his way. The mummy's spirit is affecting her as well, driving her wild with desire. It is the perfect opportunity for Alec to seduce Kate and obtain the artifact. But in his quest to end his torment, will Alec wind up losing his heart?

First line of story:

“She came to him as she always did, her exotic kohl-lined eyes dark as midnight, her full lips stained blood red as she taunted him. “You know what I want.””
Doomed to wander the Earth and tortured each night by a spirit with unrelenting arousal, Lord Alec Wright knows he has to make amends for the wrong he did. He robbed a tomb and separated a mummy from her child; to lift the curse and live in peace he must reunite them. Now he has a chance to reunite mother and child but Kate Morton, a sexy and ambitious museum curator stands in his way. Their attraction is instant and the curse starts to affect her as well, Alec struggles to do the right thing and not lose his heart to Kate in this process.
Nocturnal Whispers is a short novella of 58 pages and is fast-paced from the start. And as with all short novels Nocturnal Whispers moved a bit too fast at times for me but it did not bother me as much as it usually does because I was fascinated by the Egyptian vibe of this story. Alex and Kate are charming characters, and though Alex has been around the block for a long time and knows what to do when it comes to ancient artifacts that does not mean that Kate is a pushover, she stands her ground with Alex. The attraction between them is obvious and not just because of the curse, together they heat up the pages, their passion is sizzling hot. 
 Caridad Pineiro’s writing is smooth and addictive; she does a great job mixing various (paranormal) elements like myth, history, romance, adventure and danger. Together they create a lovely, hot story and it kept me flipping the (digital) pages faster and faster to learn if Alex is forgiven for his crimes and gets his happily ever after.
Nocturnal Whispers is a fun, quick, erotic romance that was such a joy to read.  It was hot and steamy and will entertain anyone who loves paranormal erotic romance.

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  1. Great review!!!
    adding this to my list!!!

  2. Great review! I need to grab this book!


  3. Enjoyed the review! :) Thanks for posting.

  4. Awesome review!! This looks like a great sit on the patio with a drink read =)

  5. I love Caridad's Nocturne's. :) Great review Leagh.


  6. This a new to me author, thanks! Nice review....sounds like a juicy read. :)

  7. Good Review! I have this in my tbr and need to pull it forward - especially since it's a short story. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I really enjoyed reading this one!


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