Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Review of For Kicks by Jenna Bayley-Burke

If the shoe fits…run with it!

Breeze Cohen senses something is missing from her life, but her career doesn’t leave time for anything but retail business strategy—particularly the upcoming product launch for her cornerstone client, Nitrous.

No way is she going to let live-for-the-moment Logan Chandler tarnish her professional reputation. Even if the ex-athlete poster boy for Nitrous makes her heart pound like she’s run a marathon.

After surviving a near-fatal accident, Logan doesn’t want to waste a minute of life. It’s meant to be lived, ravished, enjoyed—and there’s no one he’d like to ravish more than Breeze. There’s a deep pool of mutual desire beneath her icy façade. He can feel it every time they touch.

When a training snafu at Nitrous launches Breeze into damage control, Logan is ready and waiting to lace up and take her for a run on the wilder side—if he can catch her.

Warning: Side effects may include a desire to melt chocolate with body heat, spontaneous phone sex, and an intense drive to find loopholes in your workplace fraternization policy.


Breeze is in retail hell, well, the normal person would think so at lease, but Breeze?...nope, this is what she is supposed to be doing if she is going to be the youngest store manager in history. She works long hours and never wastes a minute. Especially when she gets the opportunity to do the new product launch for Nitrous.

Logan was in a life altering accident and now lives for the moment. While launching the Nitrous project he decides that he is going to persue Breeze and help her live more and experience more, and what Logan wants, Logan gets.

I loved this story. It was funny, witty, sweet, and sexy. All the components for a great read.

Logan is every women's dream. He is sexy, caring, rich, and very in tuned with life. I love how he was persistent and did just about anything possible to get Breeze to give him a chance. He genuinely cared for her and pampered her. The things he did for her just made me go "awwwww, what a sweetie" He saw what others didn't and recognized what she needed, even if Breeze herself didn't know it, and made sure she got it. You could tell from the very beginning that his emotions for her ran deep. Breeze was a workaholic. She felt that all she had left was her job so she poured her entire heart and soul into work and would not give an inch for fear she would lose her job and her respectability. She also was a little lost and felt there was something missing. The chemistry between the two was amazing and the progression of their relationship didn't seem forced at all just very smooth and natural. 

This story was amazing. The plot flowed very smooth and hooked me at the beginning. I could not put this book down. Oh and did I mention the love scenes? Oh my...way to melt the panties. I am very excited to find out if Ms. Bayley-Burke is going to turn this into a series and write Logan's friend's story, would love to read it.

Would I recommend this to others? Absolutely!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to review the book :) I think you're right, Kellen needs a story of his own.


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