Monday, July 18, 2011

Whispers on a Scream by Cree Walker Review

Sugar Lubec, at 24, is barely making it, in the crown of Maine. Having had a childhood of nightmarish proportion, she stays clear of any form of social interaction. She pushes everyone away, using cynicism, spite or her fists. She's convinced herself that all she's meant to do in life is to exist. Survival is her only talent, until late one night, she discovers she can't even get that right.

Jack Coon is an Alpha Werewolf from southern Maine. He was born into the position of leader, and unlike some, he was bred for it. His pack is his life, but his job is a little different. He is sent by the Council to eliminate humans who were bitten by werewolves, like Sugar's birth parents. This is new territory for him, though. Sugar was never really bitten; her parents were. So, does this make her a 'Born' like him? Of course, these questions really start to nag at him after meeting her for the first time. He is loyal and very efficient at his job, but killing this woman feels like it's the last thing he's meant to do. And if he's right, and she's a 'Born' wolf, than she could be the key to saving his race.

The Council (a tiny group of ancient werewolves who govern the packs on larger matters), feels that Sugar is their natural enemy, but Jack stubbornly refuses to take her life. She's prohibited from taking a mate.

Making a political move the Counsel, finds a way around having Sugar so close to their ranks and enters her into the challenges. Every year, Alpha's from different packs fight for the right to take single females into their own bloodlines. Sugar is up for grabs, because no one in her pack can claim rights to her, and Jack isn't so surprised to find out that the bitten pack is being allowed to fight this year.

During her captivity by another pack, she learns that Jack is getting sick. Wolves mate for life, and if there is no mate...there is no life. Though Sugar and Jack are not a mated pair, something in him thinks they are, and now he's dying. The separation is too long for him to remain healthy. But, he needs to be healthy in order to win her back in next year's challenges.

What I thought...

Ok...I am not going to summarize the story but what I am going to do is tell you what I thought about the story. I honestly think the story was a 4 star but the ending was a 2 star. I didn't agree with the ending. I am compromising on 3 stars cause I don't want to take away from the story. It read like an autobiography of Sugar and it was very good. Both characters made sense. Yes they did things that made me think WTF?? and these things kind of came out of left field but I was able to read over them and continue. I thought the story was a bit jumpy but oh well not a huge deal when the story line is so intriguing. 

What I did like about it was Sugar was one kick ass girl. She did not let anyone walk on her and was sick of being brought down and Jack just dealt with it. I felt that some of the time she came out of character and gave up too easily. I would have liked to have seen her fight a little harder during those times but it worked with the story. Jack was a strong Alpha male but didn't flaunt it. He realized when he was wrong and fixed it. He was not afraid to admit he was wrong but he was also not afraid to use his power to get what he wanted. I really felt for the characters and was rooting for them the whole time. I didn't really understand when the feelings changed between the two but when they did the banter was great and the tension was amazing. I liked all the secondary characters and I think Ms Walker added a good amount of humor to lighten the story. I was very intrigued with the world Ms Walker developed and would like to see more of it. I would recommend this story to paranormal lovers.

3 Butterflies

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